is temporarily(?) down

11 June 2010, dusan

In the meantime use our Wuala account to access almost full Monoskoplog’s archives.

Sharebee is back, we’re back twice: Monoskop/log Wuala mirror launched!

25 March 2010, dusan

The recent posts were uploaded to Wuala, and we’re going throughout our archive, in coming days all content should be mirrored. Wuala folders will copy the blog category structure, and are freely accessible here: . No accounts required. No annoying pop-ups. If you like to create the account, use this referral: or send us request to monoskoplog at burundi dot sk for invite by e-mail. Friend us if you’re already Wuala user. Join our group at and share your content. Experimental beta, however things seem a bit too smooth to be true :) Your comments are highly appreciated! More updates later.

Sharebee is down

25 March 2010, dusan experiences problems, some download links don’t work (hopefully) temporarilly, updates soon.

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