XSCREEN. Materialien über den Underground-Film (1971) [German]

7 May 2016, dusan

Publication documenting four years of the alternative projections space XSCREEN founded by Birgit and Wilhelm Hein and others in Cologne in 1968.

Reprinted on the occasion of Wilhelm Hein’s You Killed the Underground Film and Bettina Koester’s The Sisters, Amsterdam, March 2012.

Edited by W & B Hein, Christian Michelis, and Rolf Wiest
Publisher Phaidon, Cologne, 1971
Reprinted in Amsterdam, 2012
ISBN 3876350387, 9783876350387
128 pages
HT FCR, via Sly Pro Potter


PDF, PDF (35 MB)

See also a short documentary of Wilhelm Hein’s underground film screening at Sly Prop Otter X, Amsterdam

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