Arnold Schoenberg: Theory of Harmony (1911–) [DE, IT, ES, EN, PT]

2 April 2011, dusan

“This book will come as a joy, a revelation, a warm reassurance. From this one book one might well learn less about harmony than about form, about aesthetics, even about life. Some will accuse Schoenberg of not concentrating on the topic at hand, but such an accusation, though well-founded, would miss the point of Theory of Harmony, because the heart and soul of the book is to be found in his vivid and penetrating digressions. They are the fascinating reflections of a great and humane musician who was a born writer as well.”

German edition
First published in 1911
Third edition, 1922
Publisher Universal Edition, Vienna
516 pages

English edition
Translated by Roy E. Carter, based on the third edition, published in 1922
Publisher University of California Press, 1983
ISBN 0520049446, 9780520049444
440 pages

Harmonielehre (German, 3rd Edition, 1922, added on 2013-12-11)
Manuale di armonia (Italian, trans. Giacomo Manzoni, 1963/1973, added on 2013-12-11)
Tratado de armonía (Spanish, trans. Ramon Barce, 1979, added on 2013-12-11)
Theory of Harmony (English, trans. Roy E. Carter, 1983, updated on 2012-8-3)
Harmonia (Portuguese, trans. Marden Maluf, 1999, added on 2013-12-11)

2 Responses to “Arnold Schoenberg: Theory of Harmony (1911–) [DE, IT, ES, EN, PT]”

  1. Michiel Delanghe on June 15, 2019 9:50 am

    Dear Sir,

    Would you be so kind to send me a link to your scans in English please?
    All the best,

    Michiel Delanghe

  2. dusan on June 15, 2019 3:21 pm

    Hello Michiel, you can find scans at the bottom of each post.

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