Jean-François Lyotard: Duchamp’s TRANS/formers (1977/1990)

15 June 2011, dusan

“Duchamp’s Trans / Formers” is the renowned late French theoretician Jean-François Lyotard’s elegantly designed contemplation on the work of Marcel Duchamp. Published by Sam Francis’ Lapis Press.

The book reconstructs the Large Glass and Given, Duchamp’s two major works that glorify the body in its topological conceptuality.

Originally published as Les transformateurs Duchamp, Editions Galilée, 1977
Translated by Ian McLeod
Publisher: Lapis Press, Venice, CA, 1990
ISBN: 0-932499-63-5
208 pages

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PDF (pages 2-4 missing; no OCR; updated on 2012-7-17)

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