Jacques Derrida: Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression (1996)

22 August 2009, dusan

“In Archive Fever, Jacques Derrida deftly guides us through an extended meditation on remembrance, religion, time, and technology—fruitfully occasioned by a deconstructive analysis of the notion of archiving. Intrigued by the evocative relationship between technologies of inscription and psychic processes, Derrida offers for the first time a major statement on the pervasive impact of electronic media, particularly e-mail, which threaten to transform the entire public and private space of humanity. Plying this rich material with characteristic virtuosity, Derrida constructs a synergistic reading of archives and archiving, both provocative and compelling.”

Translated by Eric Prenowitz
Publisher University of Chicago Press, 1996
ISBN 0226143368, 9780226143361
113 pages


PDF (low quality, updated on 2012-9-3)
PDF, published in Diacritics, Vol. 25, No. 2 (Summer, 1995), 9-63 (OCR, added on 2012-9-3)

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