Michel Foucault: Raymond Roussel (1963–) [FR, EN, ES, CZ]

18 December 2012, dusan

Michel Foucault’s only book-length work of literary criticism.

Publisher Gallimard, Paris, 1963
212 pages

Raymond Roussel par Michel Foucault (radio broadcast, RTF France 3 National, Photogrammes, 80 min, 1962, French)
A lovely Curiosity: Raymond Roussel (1877–1933) (essay by William Clark, Variant Magazine)

Raymond Roussel (French)
Raymond Roussel (Spanish, trans. Patricio Canto, 1976)
Death and the Labyrinth: The World of Raymond Roussel (English, trans. Charles Ruas, 1987/2007, updated on 2015-7-5)
Raymond Roussel (Czech, trans. Josef Fulka, 2006)

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  1. himangshu on October 21, 2017 4:14 pm

    its really good

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