George Kubler: The Shape of Time: Remarks on the History of Things (1962–) [EN, ES, IT, PT]

11 September 2013, dusan

“When it was released in 1962, The Shape of Time presented a radically new approach to the study of art history. Drawing upon new insights in fields such as anthropology and linguistics, George Kubler replaced the notion of style with the idea of a linked succession of works distributed in time as recognizably early and late versions of the same action. The result was a view of historical sequence aligned on continuous change more than upon the concept of style–the then usual basis for histories of art.”

Publisher Yale University Press, New Haven and London, 1962
ISBN 0300001444, 9780300001440
xii+136 pages

Reviews: Priscilla Colt (Art Journal 1963), John Howland Rowe (American Anthropologist 1963), Jan Bialostocki (Art Bulletin 1965).
Commentary: Robert Smithson (Arts Magazine 1966), Pamela M. Lee (Grey Room 2001), Mary Miller (Art Journal 2009), Jarrett Earnest (Brooklyn Rail 2014).

Publisher (2008 Edition)

The Shape of Time (English, 1962, 7 MB, updated on 2013-9-13, OCR’d version via mutewar)
La configuración del tiempo (Spanish, trans. Jorge Lujan Muñoz, 1975, 43 MB, added on 2015-12-10)
La forma del tempo (Italian, trans. Giuseppe Casatello, 1976, added on 2015-12-10)
A forma do tempo (Portuguese, 1990, 11 MB, added on 2015-12-10)

See also The Shape of Time. Reconsidered, 1982.

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    It is indeed incredible! Thank you!

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