Hamid Naficy: The Making of Exile Cultures: Iranian Television in Los Angeles (1993)

27 February 2010, dusan

Naficy explores the seemingly contradictory way in which immigrant media and cultural productions serve as the source both of resistance and opposition to the domination by host and home country’s social values while simultaneously serving as vehicles for personal and cultural transformation and assimilation of those values.

Publisher U of Minnesota Press, 1993
ISBN 0816620873, 9780816620876
Length 283 pages

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Michel Chion: Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen (1990–) [FR, ES, EN]

8 December 2009, dusan

“In Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen, French critic and composer Michel Chion reassesses audiovisual media since the revolutionary 1927 debut of recorded sound in cinema, shedding crucial light on the mutual relationship between sound and image in audiovisual perception.

Chion argues that sound film qualitatively produces a new form of perception: we don’t see images and hear sounds as separate channels, we audio-view a trans-sensory whole. Expanding on arguments made in his influential books The Voice in Cinema and Sound in Cinema, Chion provides lapidary insight into the functions and aesthetics of sound in film and television. He considers the effects of such evolving technologies as widescreen, multitrack, and Dolby; the influences of sound on the perception of space and time; and the impact of such contemporary forms of audio-vision as music videos, video art, and commercial television. Chion concludes with an original and useful model for the audiovisual analysis of film.”

First published as L’audio-vision: son et image au cinéma, Nathan, Paris, 1990.

English edition
Edited and translated by Claudia Gorbman
Foreword by Walter Murch
Publisher Columbia University Press, 1994
ISBN 0231078986, 9780231078986
239 pages

Publisher (EN)

L’audio-vision: son et image au cinéma (French, 3rd ed., 1990/2017, added on 2020-9-19)
La audiovisión: Introducción a un análisis conjunto de la imagen y el sonido (Spanish, trans. Antonio Lopez Ruiz, 1993, unpaginated, added on 2014-3-8)
Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen (English, trans. Claudia Gorbman, 1994, updated on 2012-7-17)