L. Moholy-Nagy: Vision in Motion (1947)

21 June 2015, dusan

“This book is written for the artist and the layman, for everyone interested in his relationship to our existing civilization. It is an extension of my previous book, The New Vision. But while The New Vision gave mainly particulars about the educational methods of the old Bauhaus, Vision in Motion concentrates on the work of the Institute of Design, Chicago, and presents a broader, more general view of the interrelatedness of art and life.” (from the author’s foreword)

Publisher Paul Theobald, Chicago, 1947
371 pages


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Julia Vaingurt: Wonderlands of the Avant-Garde: Technology and the Arts in Russia of the 1920s (2013)

7 July 2014, dusan

“In postrevolutionary Russia, as the Soviet government was initiating a program of rapid industrialization, avant-garde artists declared their intent to serve the nascent state and to transform life in accordance with their aesthetic designs. In spite of their professed utilitarianism, however, most avant-gardists created works that can hardly be regarded as practical instruments of societal transformation. Exploring this paradox, Vaingurt claims that the artists’ investment of technology with aesthetics prevented their creations from being fully conscripted into the arsenal of political hegemony. The purposes of avant-garde technologies, she contends, are contemplative rather than constructive. Looking at Meyerhold’s theater, Tatlin’s and Khlebnikov’s architectural designs, Mayakovsky’s writings, and other works from the period, Vaingurt offers an innovative reading of an exceptionally complex moment in the formation of Soviet culture.”

Publisher Northwestern University Press, 2013
SRLT series
ISBN 0810128942, 9780810128941
322 pages
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Review: Boris Dralyuk (NEP, 2013), Tim Harte (Slavic Review, 2014).



See also the science-fiction film Aelita, Queen of Mars, dir. Yakov Protazanov, 1924, 111 min, based on Tolstoy’s novel.

Stanislaus von Moos, Chris Smeenk (eds.): Avant Garde und Industrie (1983) [English/German]

30 June 2014, dusan

Collected papers from a symposium held at the Department of Architecture at Delft University of Technology in May 1981.

Contributions in English from Niels L. Prak, Leonard K. Eaton, Tim Benton, and Jan van Geest; in German from Franziska Bollerey, Hanne Bergius, Stanislaus von Moos, Andreas Haus, Flip Bool, Martin Steinmann, and Otakar Máčel.

Publisher Delft University Press, Delft, 1983
ISBN 9062751091
176 pages
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PDF (29 MB)