broekman in Dean, Dockray, Ludovico, Broekman, Thoburn & Vilensky 2013

conversation took place by email over the course of a few months from October
2011. Sponsorship was generously provided by CRESC (Centre for Research on SocioCultural Change),


New Formations

that is really important in the Russian situation – to
introduce different voices and languages and also to have a voice in different
international debates from a local perspective.
Materialities Of Independent Publishing 159

Pauline van Mourik Broekman (PvMB) After so many years - we’ve been at it

4. See Pauline van
Mourik Broekman
(2011) ‘Mute’s
100% Cut by
ACE - A Personal
Consideration of
Mute’s Defunding’,

5. Régis Debray,
‘Socialism: A LifeCycle’, New Left
Review 46 (2007):

for 17! - I seem to


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