ethnopoetic in Goldsmith 2011

-run-1996.mp3),” Slonimsky fit into both
categories—high and low—equally well.

A few years back, Jerome Rothenberg, the leading scholar of
[Ethnopoetics](, approached us with an idea to include a
wing which would feature Ethnopoetic sound, visual art, poetry, and essays.
Rothenberg’s interest was specific to UbuWeb: how the avant-garde dovetailed
with the world’s deep cultures—those surviving in situ as well as those that
had vanished except for transcriptions in books or

d.html) to [Inuit throat
singing](, each making formal
connections to modernist strains of [Dada](
or [sound poetry]( Likewise, the
Ethnopoetic visual poetry section ranges from [Chippewa song
pictures]( to [Paleolithic
palimpsests]( to [Apollinaire’s
Calligrammes]( (1912


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