evidentiary in USDC 2015

.S.C. § 106.

In order to prevail on a

claim for infringement of copyright,

in violation

604 F.3d 110,



(2d Cir. 2010)

Inc. v. Rural Tel. Serv. Co.,

499 U.S.




(1991) ) .
Elsevier has made a substantial evidentiary showing,
documenting the manner in which the Defendants access its
ScienceDirect database of scientific literature and post
copyrighted material on their own websites free of charge.
According to Elsevier,

the Defendants gain access to


irating it, so I solved many requests
and people always were very grateful for my help.

After that, I

created sci-hub.org website that simply makes this process
automatic and the website immediately became popular."


Given Elsevier's strong evidentiary showing and Elbakyan's
admissions, the first prong of the preliminary injunction test
is firmly established.

B. Irreparable Harm

Irreparable harm is present "where, but for the grant of
equitable relief, there is a substantial chance that upon fina


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