mecca in Liang 2012

bibliophilia is perhaps shaped by one’s first love. The
first library that I knew intimately was a little six by eight foot shop
hidden in a by-lane off one of the busiest roads in Bangalore, Commercial
street. From its name to what it contained, Mecca stores could well have been
transported out of an Arabian nights tale. One side of the store was lined
with plastic ware and kitchen utensils of every shape and size while the other
wall was piled with books, comics, and magazines. From my eight-year

brary of Alexandria must have felt it was that collective ache of seeing the
closure of [](

What brings together something as monumental as the New York public library, a
collective enterprise like []( and Mecca stores if not
the word library? As spaces they may have little in common but as virtual
spaces they speak as equals even if the scale of their imagination may differ.
All of them partake of their share in the world of logotopias. In an
exhibition des

y possibility of a coherent ground
on which a knowledge project can be built. Finally there is the question of
where we stand once the grounds that we stand on itself has been dislodged.
The answer from my first foray into the tiny six by eight foot Mecca store to
the innumerable hours spent on []( remains the same:
the heterotopic pleasure of our finite selves in infinity.


This essay is a part of a work I am doing for an exhibition curated by Raqs
Media Collective, Sarai R


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