prong in USDC 2015

ere very grateful for my help.

After that, I

created website that simply makes this process
automatic and the website immediately became popular."


Given Elsevier's strong evidentiary showing and Elbakyan's
admissions, the first prong of the preliminary injunction test
is firmly established.

B. Irreparable Harm

Irreparable harm is present "where, but for the grant of
equitable relief, there is a substantial chance that upon final
resolution of the action the parties cannot be re

hey cannot continue to steal the Plaintiff' s content,


See id.

if they tried to do so for public-spirited reasons.

D. Public Interest

To the extent that Elbakyan mounts a legal challenge to the
motion for a preliminary injunction,
interest prong of the test.

it is on the public

In her letter to the Court,

notes that there are "lots of researchers .


. especially in

developing countries" who do not have access to key scientific
papers owned by Elsevier and similar organizations,



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