slonimsky in Goldsmith 2011

, recordings of
children screeching, how-to records, song-poems, propagandistic religious
ditties, spoken word pieces, even ventriloquist acts. However, buried deep
within The 365 Days Project were rare tracks by the legendary avant-gardist
[Nicolas Slonimsky](, an
early-to-mid-twentieth century conductor, performer, and composer belting out
advertisements and children’s ditties on the piano in an off-key voice. UbuWeb
had already been hosting historical r

calypso]( or high school
choir’s renditions of “[Fox On The
school-a-capella-choir-fox-on-the-run-1996.mp3),” Slonimsky fit into both
categories—high and low—equally well.

A few years back, Jerome Rothenberg, the leading scholar of
[Ethnopoetics](, approached us with an idea to include a
wing which would feature Ethnopoetic sound, visual art


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