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A4 - zero space (A4 - nultý priestor) is a multifunctional center of contemporary arts located in the Bratislava with the focus on creation, presentation and education within the range of contemporary theatre, dance, music, film, visual culture and new media arts. Founded in January 2004 by A4 -Associations for Contemporary Culture, established by four civic initiatives: Society for Contemporary Opera, Association for Contemporary Dance, Atrakt Art – Association for Contemporary Arts and Culture and BURUNDI Datalab Studio Displej Press.

The center includes theatre, dance and music stage, cinema, presentation room,) the club. Media lab BURUNDI was hosted in the space until 2005, when it dissolved.

A4 was based for few years in "House of arts" (Dom umenia), in center of Bratislava city, after it was moved due to various reasons, ranging from bad relations with commission for allocation of space in which A4 was based, to bad relations with culture ministry, it was moved to building “od Dunaj”, under friendly cultural centrum kc Dunaj for one year, and currently working on its own new space.

Currently biggest event that yearly takes place in A4 is Next festival, and Multiplace.

Events include: Dovi dopo dopi (2006).

Address: Nam SNP 12, Bratislava