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25 February 2024

Lozhkina Alisa Permanent Revolution Art in Ukraine the 20th to the Early 21st Century 2020.jpg

Permanent Revolution: Art in Ukraine, the 20th to the Early 21st Century

by Alisa Lozhkina (Аліса Ложкіна)

"Written by a leading Ukrainian curator and art critic, this book is an attempt to draw the history of the development of visual art practices in Ukraine, from the birth of modernism to the present day, into a cohesive narrative. Particular emphasis is given to the period since independence. How has the language of art changed over the last century and a half? What role has turbulence played in this process as Ukraine has undergone a series of transformations from its provincial status on the edge of the Russian Empire, through the difficult stage of building socialism, all the way to achieving independence, the Orange Revolution, the Revolution of Dignity, and the coming challenges of its most recent history? This analysis offers a brief overview of the main events and phenomena in Ukrainian art, as well as a variety of illustrative material from dozens of museum and private collections, and the archives of artists and their families.

This publication was made possible thanks to a grant from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF) as a continuation of a 2019 project. Then, the support of the Zenko Foundation and the UCF made possible the publication of a Ukrainian-language version of this book with the publisher ArtHuss, as well as a French translation and publication of the manuscript with the publisher Nouvelles Éditions Place. Special gratitude is due to the head of the Zenko Foundation, Zenko Aftanaziv, as well as the project’s producer, Karina Kachurovska."

Reviews: Milbach (Rev études slaves), Kilesso Contant (Slovo).

 Ukrainian edition
 Permanentna revolyutsiya: Mistetstvo Ukrayini HH – poch. HHI st.
 Перманентна революція: Мистецтво України ХХ – поч. ХХІ ст.
 Published by ArtHuss, Kyiv, 2019
 ISBN 978-617-7799-06-0
 543 pages
 English edition
 Published by ArtHuss, Kyiv, 2020
 Translated by Nathan Jeffers
 ISBN: 978-617-7799-77-0
 543 pages
 Open access
 French edition
 Une révolution permanente: l'art ukrainien contemporain et ses racines 1880-2020
 Published by Nouvelles éditions Place, Paris, 2020
 Translated by Igor Sokologorsky
 ISBN: 978-2-37628-059-0
 381 pages

Publisher (EN). Publisher (UA). Publisher (FR). Author (UA). Author (FR).

 Ukraine  Art history

22 February 2024

Call it Something Else Something Else Press Inc 1963-1974 2023.jpg
Call it Something Else
Something Else Press, Inc. (1963-1974)

"The publication accompanying the same-titled exhibition encompasses the research conducted by curators Alice Centamore and Christian Xatrec around Dick Higgins’s editorial project Something Else Press, which also operated as a gallery from 1966 onwards. The publishing house was founded at the height of the “linguistic turn”, a pivotal moment in 1960s art as artists began to use language and texts as a material for their aesthetic endeavours. Its unwavering aim was to take in the burgeoning creative experiments of composers, dancers, writers and artists of every stripe (many of whom were part of Higgins’s circle) and to give their ephemeral work the support needed to project it towards the future.

The essays included here explore the length and breadth of Dick Higgins’s project, the publisher, the gallery and the concept of “intermedia”, which he coined to define the heterogeneous forms that challenged all categories and tallied with the mould of “something else”."

With texts by Alice Centamore, Johanna Gosse, Danielle Johnson, Trevor Stark, Christian Xatrec.

 edited by the Editorial Activities Department of Museo Reina Sofía
 Published by Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, 2023
 ISBN: 978-84-8026-648-2
 16,8 x 23 cm
 260 pages
 Creative Commons BY-NC-ND License
 Spanish edition
 Llámalo de otra manera. Something Else Press, Inc. (1963-1974)
 Published by Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, 2023
 ISBN: 978-84-8026-647-5
 276 pages

Exhibition. Publisher.

 Fluxus  Artists' publishing

22 February 2024

Fabus Palo Prednaska o vznikavosti 2017.jpg
Přednáška o vznikavosti

by Palo Fabuš with Luboš Svoboda

"Vnímáme čas a prostor spolu nebo odděleně? Na pokraji digitální doby nás Palo Fabuš přirovnává k světelnému paprsku plynoucímu časoprostorem, abychom se našli ve „vznikavém prostředí“. Vyvstává tak před námi poetická alternativa k současnému imperativu kreativity. Vedle svých dosavadních prací umělecké a kulturní kritiky autor otevírá novou kapitolu filosofie tvorby."

Kniha O vznikavosti završila cyklus čtyř přednášek Pala Fabuše přerývaných poezií Luboše Svobody.

 Lačnit Press, Prague, 2017
 50 pages 


21 February 2024

Lorusso Silvio What Design Cant Do Essays on Design and Disillusion 2023.jpg
What Design Can't Do
Essays on Design and Disillusion

by Silvio Lorusso

"Design is broken. Young and not-so-young designers are becoming increasingly aware of this. Many feel impotent: they were told they had the tools to make the world a better place, but instead the world takes its toll on them. Beyond a haze of hype and bold claims lies a barren land of self-doubt and impostor syndrome. Although these ‘feels’ might be the Millennial norm, design culture reinforces them. In conferences we learn that “with great power comes great responsibility” but, when it comes to real-life clients, all they ask is to “make the logo bigger.”

This book probes the disillusionment that permeates design. It tackles the deskilling effects provoked by digital semi-automation, the instances of ornamental politics fashioned to please the museum-educational complex, the nebulous promises of design schools. While reviving historical expressions of disenchantment, Silvio Lorusso examines present-day memes and social media rants. To depict this disheartening crisis, he crafts a new critical vocabulary for readers to build upon. What this exposé reveals is both worrying and refreshing: rather than producing a meaningful order, design might be just about inhabiting chaos.

What was once a promising field rooted in problem-solving has become a problem in itself. The skill set of designers appears shaky and insubstantial – their expertise is received with indifference, their know-how is trivialised by online services, their work is compromised by a series of unruly external factors. If you see yourself as a designer without qualities; if you feel cheated, disappointed or betrayed by design, this book is for you."

 Published by Set Margins' #26, Eindhoven, Oct 2023
 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
 ISBN 978-90-833501-3-4
 352 pages

Author. Publisher. Source.

7 December 2023

The Drag King Book
Author Judith "Jack" Halberstam, Del LaGrace Volcano (photography)
Language English
Publisher Serpent's Tail
Date August 1999
Pages 160
ISBN 1852426071, 978-1852426071
E-book PDF
The Drag King Book

by Judith "Jack" Halberstam, Del LaGrace Volcano (photography)

"The book profiles many different performers, among them San Francisco's larger-than-life Elvis Herselvis and New York's mackdaddy Dred, and presents interviews with drag kings alongside descriptions and analyses of actual shows. Lavishly illustrated with over 100 pictures by transgender photographer Del LaGrace Volcano, The Drag King Book is a striking testament to the multiple forms of gender variance today."

"It is impossible to separate my personal relationship with facial hair from my hermstory with the Drag King scene that erupted in London and around the globe in the mid 1990s. The thought of coming out as a bearded lesbian was terrifying and it was only when I hooked up with Simo Maronati that I found the courage to let it all hang out, consequences be damned! I was also due to compete in the first Drag King contest ever at the London Lesbian & Gay Film festival during the spring of 1996. I thought that possibly having a beard of my own might give me a much needed edge....since I was well aware that I did not possess an iota of 'authentic' masculinity. As it happened I was the biggest loser. My leather daddy stripper persona was a bit too genderqueer in an era where ‘realness’ was the currency. But from that one event a new queer time and place began that included Drag King clubs, lots of mainstream press, including a faux exhibition of my work on Sex & The City and a free trip through the Channel Tunnel to Paris for a gaggle of Drag Kings. The biggest bonus by far though was that Judith Jack Halberstam, (an academic already writing about Female Masculinity and one of the contest judges) and I became friends and went on to produce THE DRAG KING BOOK together over the next five years.

Now that more than twenty years have passed a new generation of Kings are in the spot light, although they are still given far less space than there sister Drag Queens. Many of the Kings I photographed in the 90s now live their lives as men or trans after finding the performance of masculinity a better fit than the options they had been living. As for myself, I continue to believe that dis-obedience, dis-ruption and defiance of gender norms and ALL norms are the cornerstones of queer cultural production." (Volcano Del LaGrace)


6 December 2023

Keeler Paul ed Planted 1968.jpg
planted. A report of the events leading up to and surrounding the arrest and committal to be tried before a judge and jury of 3 members of the Exploding Galaxy charged with being in possession of dangerous drugs.

compiled by Paul Keeler

The Exploding Galaxy, “a collective of artists, musicians, poets and dancers who shared a creative spirit that defied the boundaries between art and life”, was formed in 1967 by David Medalla, an artist and dancer. The Exploding Galaxy was an experimental collective who lived in Balls Pond Road who created unconventional performances that challenged the boundaries of art and dance. Although they separated in 1968, they left an everlasting impression.

In Part 1 of the report the book shows how the two raids on the Exploding Galaxy were not isolated incidents but were part of a whole pattern of police activity directed against this artist group:

Investigation of the first raid in great detail.

Photographs of the Exploding Galaxy, that inform the reader about their way of life and give an idea of some of the performances they have given.

In Part 2 selects some propositons, that serve as an introduction to some of the ideas and aspirations of different members of the Exploding Galaxy:

The Orange and Blue Kinetegram by Gerry Fitzgerald

The Bird Ballet. A cosmic dance-drama, story by David Medalla

The Buddha Ballet. A proposition by David Medalla and John Dugger

An Incantation of the Incongruous, by Michael Chapman

New Forms in Poetry, by Edward Pope

Two songs by Edward Pope, a love poem by Jill Drower and a Proposition for a Kinetic Structure by John Dugger

The Appendix

 With an Introduction by Gerry Fitzgerald
 Publisher Exploding Galaxy, London, 1968
 142+73 pages

28 November 2023

Lumbung Commons and Community Art A Conversation on the Behind-the-Scenes of documenta fifteen 2023.jpg
Lumbung, Commons and Community Art. A Conversation on the Behind-the-Scenes of documenta fifteen

by Florian Cramer and Simon Kentgens

"documenta fifteen was a large-scale collective experiment in creating a commons using the art system. How did its lumbung community experience it? What happened on site and behind the scenes? What went wrong, and what can we take away from it? How does documenta fifteen fit into a larger picture of collective and community-oriented art practices?

This publication takes is base from a radio conversation between Simon Kentgens and Florian Cramer, where they together ruminated on their experiences and takeaways as peripheral participants in documenta fifteen."

 Publisher: HumDrumPress, Rotterdam, 2023
 136 pages

Publisher. Toot. Toot.

26 November 2023

Fremeaux Isabelle Jordan Jay We Are Nature Defending Itself 2021.jpg
We Are 'Nature' Defending Itself
Entangling Art, Activism and Autonomous Zones

by Isabelle Fremeaux and Jay Jordan

"Chronicles the story of the ZAD (zone to defend), a resistant land occupation emerging out of a decades-long struggle which stopped a new airport project."

"In 2008, as the storms of the financial crash blew, Isabelle Fremeaux and Jay Jordan deserted the metropolis and their academic jobs, traveling across Europe in search of post-capitalist utopias. They wanted their art activism to no longer be uprooted.

They arrived at a place French politicians had declared lost to the republic, otherwise know as the zad (the zone to defend): a messy but extraordinary canvas of commoning, illegally occupying 4,000 acres of wetlands where an international airport was planned. In 2018, the 40-year-long struggle snatched an incredible victory, defeating the airport expansion project through a powerful cocktail that merged creation and resistance.

Fremeaux and Jordan blend rich eyewitness accounts with theory, inspired by a diverse array of approaches, from neo-animism to revolutionary biology, insurrectionary writings and radical art history."

 Published by Pluto Press in collaboration with the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest in Nov 2021
 Series: Vagabonds
 Paperback ISBN: 9780745345871
 eBook ISBN: 9780745345895
 110mm x 215mm

Authors. Publisher.

28 October 2023

INCITE eds The Revolution Will Not Be Funded Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex 2007.jpg
INCITE eds The Revolution Will Not Be Funded Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex 2017.jpg
The Revolution Will Not Be Funded
Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

edited by INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence

"A trillion-dollar industry, the US non-profit sector is one of the world's largest economies. From art museums and university hospitals to think tanks and church charities, over 1.5 million organizations of staggering diversity share the tax-exempt 501(c)(3) designation, if little else. Many social justice organizations have joined this world, often blunting political goals to satisfy government and foundation mandates. But even as funding shrinks, many activists often find it difficult to imagine movement-building outside the non-profit model. The Revolution Will Not Be Funded gathers essays by radical activists, educators, and non-profit staff from around the globe who critically rethink the long-term consequences of what they call the "non-profit industrial complex." Drawing on their own experiences, the contributors track the history of non-profits and provide strategies to transform and work outside them. Urgent and visionary, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded presents a biting critique of the quietly devastating role the non-profit industrial complex plays in managing dissent.

Contributors. Christine E. Ahn, Robert L. Allen, Alisa Bierria, Nicole Burrowes, Communities Against Rape and Abuse (CARA), William Cordery, Morgan Cousins, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Stephanie Guilloud, Adjoa Florência Jones de Almeida, Tiffany Lethabo King, Paul Kivel, Soniya Munshi, Ewuare Osayande, Amara H. Pérez, Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty and Genocide, Dylan Rodríguez, Paula X. Rojas, Ana Clarissa Rojas Durazo, Sisters in Action for Power, Andrea Smith, Eric Tang, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Ije Ude, Craig Willse"

 Publisher: South End Press, 2007
 ISBN: 0896087662, 9780896087668
 256 pages
 New edition
 Publisher: Duke University Press, February 2017
 ISBN: 978-0-8223-6900-4, 978-0-8223-6380-4
 272 pages


10 August 2023

Het Andrea Behr Pamflet 41 BFFS.jpg
Het Andrea Behr Pamflet 41 - BFFS

by Gloria Cramer, Johanna Monk, Dalin Waldo, Lula Valletta, Florian Cramer

Interwoven anecdotes on fluxus, mail and con artists in Rotterdam, Copenhagen, West Berlin, East Berlin and The Pharao Islands, featuring tessa schmit [tomas schmit], Barbara Wien, Gelbe Musik, Ottoline Schwanz [Otto Schwanz], Kitty Pedersen [Knud Pedersen], Grafin Haufen [Graf Haufen], Copenhagen Museum of Modern Esme, Anna Castberg, Roberta Rehfeldt [Robert Rehfeldt], Baader-Meinhof, Jane Cage [John Cage], Erica Andersen [Eric Andersen], Francien van Everdingen, GoodieBFF & BFFs [Goodiepal & Pals].

 Published in Rotterdam, 2023
 [32] pages

Source. Toot.

Fluxus  mail art  Rotterdam  Berlin

7 July 2023

Kraus Chris Summer of Hate 2012.jpg
Summer of Hate

by Chris Kraus

"Waking up from the chilling high of a near-death sex game, Catt Dunlop travels to Albuquerque in 2005 to reinvest some windfall real-estate gains and reengage with something approximating “real life.” Aware that the critical discourse she has used to build her career as a visiting professor and art critic is really a cipher for something else, she hopes that buying and fixing slum buildings will bring her more closely in touch with American life than the essays she writes.

In Albuquerque, she becomes romantically involved with Paul Garcia, a recently sober ex-con who has just served sixteen months in state prison for defrauding Halliburton Industries, his former employer, of $873. Almost forty years old, Paul is highly intelligent but has only been out of New Mexico twice. He has no information. With Catt's help, he makes plans to attend UCLA, only to be arrested on a ten-year-old bench warrant en route.

Caught in the nightmarish Byzantine world of the legal system, Catt and Paul's empathic attempts to save each other's lives seems doomed to dissolve. Summer of Hate is a novel about flawed reciprocity and American justice, recording recent events through the prism of a beleaguered romance. As lucid and trenchant as ever, Kraus in her newest novel reminds us that the writer can be a first responder of sorts when power becomes invisible, or merely banal. "

 ISBN: 9781584351139
 Published: August 3, 2012
 Publisher: Semiotext(e)
 256 pages

Internet Archive. Part 1. Excerpt. Distributor.

7 July 2023

Video Art: An Anthology

eds. Ira Schneider and Beryl Korot

Seventy video artists were each given two pages to present information about their work in any form they chose.

Also contains documents such as Shigeko Kubota’s “Anthology Film Archives Video Program,” and essays by David Antin, Stephen Beck, Eric Cameron, Douglas Davis, Anne Focke, Peter Frank, Hermine Freed, Davidson Gigliotti, Frank Gillette, John Hanhardt, Wulf Herzogenrath, Bruce Kurtz, David Ross, Bill Viola, Ingrid Weigand, and Willoughby Sharp.

 New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
 286 pages

Internet Archive. Worldcat.

video art

30 November 2022

Escucha, por favor. 13 textos sobre sonido para el arte reciente
Author José Luis Espejo (ed.)
Publisher Exit Libris
City Madrid
Date 2019
Pages 252
ISBN 9788494058585

Escucha, por favor. 13 textos sobre sonido para el arte reciente (Spanish)

ed. José Luis Espejo

Escucha, por favor es "una invitación a descubrir parte de la resonancia propia del arte contemporáneo. Este libro evita definiciones concretas y se ordena según una cronología tentativa, teniendo en cuenta acontecimientos y contextos históricos específicos. Es, sobre todo, una selección de textos que permite a personas interesadas por el arte, el sonido o la música, tomar referencias para acercarse a los últimos cien años de su historia a través de exposiciones, publicaciones y unos pocos nombres importantes que no siempre han tenido el calado necesario."

Escucha, por favor. 13 texts about sound for recent art is "an introduction about sound and music in the arts that contains previously unpublished texts in Spanish. This anthology avoids deliberately the most well known names, and shows some equally important artists that, due their gender, their country or their relation with central discourses and institutions, has not been fully recognized in the art system. The book contains the following translations, editions and reprints: Pauline Oliveros, Douglas Kahn, Helga de la Motte-Haber, Andrey Smirnov, Carmen Cecilia Piñero Gil on Carmen Barradas, Brian Morton, Charlotte Moorman, Hildegard Westerkamp, David Crowley on Eastern Europe experimental music from 1957 to 1984, John Oswald on Plunderphonics, David Toop on Sonic Boom, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung on his curatorial program at documenta 14, Susan Campos Fonseca on microcoloniality and José Manuel Costa."

via Editor

sound art

18 November 2022

Rodney Walter How Europe Underdeveloped Africa 1972.jpg

How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

Walter Rodney

"Before a bomb ended his life in the summer of 1980, Walter Rodney had created a powerful legacy. This pivotal work, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, had already brought a new perspective to the question of underdevelopment in Africa. His Marxist analysis went far beyond the heretofore accepted approach in the study of Third World underdevelopment. How Europe Underdeveloped Africa is an excellent introductory study for the student who wishes to better understand the dynamics of Africa s contemporary relations with the West."

Published in Great Britain 1972 by Bogle-L'Ouverture Publications, London and Tanzanian Publishing House, Dar es Salaam.

First published in the United States 1974 by Howard University Press.

Revised edition, 1981
postscript by A. M. Babu
Howard University Press, Washington DC
ISBN 0882580965 
312 pages

Review: Gabriel O. Apata (Theory, Culture & Society, 2022).

Publisher, 2018. Source PDF.