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Jakob Jakobsen (1965, Copenhagen) is a visual artist, educator and activist. He was part of the Copenhagen Free University (2001-2007), an artist-run institution dedicated to the production of critical consciousness and poetic language through alternative forms of collective knowledge production. Influential in the art-activist community, the Copenhagen Free University has inspired the genesis of numerous other alternative education spaces around the world. Jakobsen also co-founded the trade union Young Art Workers (UKK) in 2002 and the artist run television station tv-tv (2005-2008). He was professor at the Funen Art Academy from 2006 to 2012. In 2016, he founded the Hospital Prison University Archive, a research-based archive space and radio station in Copenhagen.


  • co-editor, Koncern° - Skrift for Kunstnerisk-filosofisk grundforskning [Koncern° - Journal for Artistic Philosophical Basic Research], 5 numbers, Copenhagen, 1989-1993. Artists' journal. [1] (Danish)
  • editor, Infotainment, 6 numbers, Info Centre, 1998-1999. Self-published zine. (English)
  • editor, Infopool, London, 2000-2009. Self-published zine and critical web resource. (English)
  • Excursions, Experiments, Processes, Collaborations, Infopool, 2000. Pamphlet. (English)
  • editor, Scandinavian Situationism, 2002ff. Online archive with chronology and English translations of texts from the Second Situationist International and related projects. (English)
  • Copenhagen Free University, The ABZ of the Copenhagen Free University, Copenhagen: Copenhagen Free University, Mar 2002; 3rd ed., 2006, 36 pp. A glossary of terminology developed by CFU (Henriette Heise & Jakob Jakobsen) and frequent collaborators Emma Hedditch, Anthony Davies, Ian Trowell, Howard Slater, Johnny Spencer, and David Cooper. [2] (English)/(Danish)
  • The Ramallah Lecture, 2010. Diary of a six-week residency in 2008 in Ramallah on the the Israeli-Occupied Westbank with reflections on the artist's role in a war zone. (English)
  • editor, Free Education! The Free University of New York, Alternate U, and Learning Liberation, Brooklyn, NY: Interference Archive, 2018. A collection of documents functioning as the catalogue for the exhibition Free Education!, held at Interference Archive from 11 October 2018 to 27 January 2019 and organised by Jakob Jakobsen and Interference Archive. Published as part of the The Antihistory Project. [6] (English)

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