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Maciunas, Fluxus Manifesto, 1963.
Young (ed.), An Anthology of Chance Operations, 1963, Log, PDF.
Brecht, Chance-Imagery, 1966, PDF.
Manifestos, 1966/2004, PDF.
Filliou, et al., Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts, 1970, Log, PDF.
Vostell, Higgins (eds.), Fantastic Architecture [1969], 1971, Log, PDF.


Objects, artists' publications[edit]

  • George Brecht, Water Yam, c1963.
  • George Maciunas (ed.), Fluxus 1, 1964-79, JPGs (book version), JPGs (box version). First of three issues of Maciunas' serialised publication. [1]
  • George Maciunas, Name Cards, 1964, JPGs.
  • Fluxkit, 1965. [2]
  • George Maciunas (ed.), Flux Year Box 2, New York, 1966-68, JPGs. Second of three issues of Maciunas' serialised publication. [3]
  • Ben Vautier, Fluxbox Containing God, c1966.
  • George Maciunas (ed.), Fluxtattoos, New York: Implosions, 1967.
  • Daniel Spoerri, Roland Topor, Robert Filliou, Monsters are Inoffensive, 1968. Postcard set. [4]
  • George Maciunas (ed.), Fluxpack 3, Flash Art Edizioni, 1973-75. Third of three issues of Maciunas' serialised publication.

Event scores[edit]

  • La Monte Young (ed.), An Anthology of Chance Operations, New York: La Monte Young and Jackson Mac Low, Spring 1963; 2nd ed., New York: H. Friedrich, 1970, JPGs. First and only issue. Compilation of texts, scores for events, instruction cards, experimental poetry, and much more by artists musicians, poets, and dancers, who founded Fluxus, minimalism, conceptual art, and other experimental practices. Among the artists included are George Brecht, John Cage, Walter De Maria, Henry Flynt, Yoko Ono, Dick Higgins, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Ray Johnson, Simone Forti, Nam June Paik, Terry Riley, Diter Rot, Emmet Williams, and Christian Wolff.
  • Alison Knowles, Annea Lockwood (eds.), Women's Work, New York: Alison Knowles and Anna Lockwood, 1975. [5]
  • Shiomi Mieko, Spatial Poems, Osaka, 1975. [6] [7] [8]
  • Ken Friedman, Owen Smith, Lauren Sawchyn (eds.), The Fluxus Performance Workbook, new ed., Performance Research, 2002, 117 pp.


Periodicals, newsletters
  • décoll/age: Bulletin aktueller Ideen und Kunst nach, ed. Wolf Vostell, Cologne, 1962-69. [10] (German)
  • News-Policy-Letter, 7 numbers, ed. George Maciunas, Wiesbaden: Fluxus (1-4), Ehlhalten: Fluxus (5-7), 1962-63.
  • Aktuální umění, 2 issues, ed. Aktuální umění, Prague, 1964-65. (Czech)
  • Fluxnewsletter, ed. George Maciunas, New York, 1965-76. Selection.
  • Something Else Press Newsletters, 22 numbers, ed. Dick Higgins, New York: Something Else Press, 1966-73 & 1983.
Something Else Press (incl. Great Bear Pamphlets) [11]

Selection according to Friedman & Owen's Fluxus bibliography.

  • Dick Higgins, Jefferson’s Birthday/Postface, 2 vols., New York: Something Else Press, 1964, 271+89 pp. [12] [13] [14]
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Film, video[edit]

Fluxus Anthology, 1989, MP3s, MP3s.
FluxTellus, 1990, MP3s.


Graphic design[edit]

Fluxus Virus, 1962-1992, 1992, Log, PDF. (DE/EN)
Fluxus. Eine lange Geschichte mit vielen Knoten. Fluxus in Deutschland 1962–1994, 1995, Log, PDF. (DE/CZ)


  • Pictures to be Read, Poetry to be Seen, Chicago: Museum of Contemporary Art, 1967, 33 pp. Exh. curated by Jan van der Marck; held at MCA Chicago, 24 Oct-3 Dec 1967.
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  • Actie, werkelijkheid en fictie in de kunst van de jaren '60 in Nederland, ed. W.A.L. Beeren, 's-Gravenhage: Staatsuitgeverij, 1979, 176 pp, PDF. Exh. held at Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, 9 Nov 1979-6 Jan 1980. (Dutch)
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Exhibitions, events[edit]

Selection of gallery exhibitions with an online presence. For more see Catalogues section above.

Chronologies, diagrams[edit]

Collections and archives[edit]

List on the Fluxus & Happening resource


Ken Friedman (ed.), The Fluxus Reader, 1998, Log, PDF, PDFs.

Art history and theory[edit]

  • Harry Ruhé (ed.), Fluxus: The Most Radical and Experimental Art Movement of the Sixties, Amsterdam: A, 1979. In 1979, this publication was the most comprehensive history of Fluxus activities, editions, and general Fluxus literature, with an essay on the history of Fluxus by Ruhé. Useful as an early inclusive history of Fluxus compared to the increasingly less comprehensive canonized versions of Fluxus. Loose-leaf alphabetized artists’ pages with biographies, lists of works, publications, and many photographs assembled in a three-ring binder.
  • Fluxus: izbor tekstova, ed. Aleksandra Janković, Belgrade: Muzej savremene umetnosti, 1986. Selected writings. (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Ken Friedman (ed.), The Fluxus Reader, Academy Editions, 1998, 309 pp, ARG. Contains histories, theories, critical perspectives, and transcriptions from an interview with Maciunas by Larry Miller; an essay by Miller; and an interview with Billie Maciunas regarding her life, sex, and experiences with George Maciunas, and her encounters with Fluxus, by Susan L. Jarosi. Also includes an extensive chronology of events in Fluxus history, and a selected list of Fluxus art works and related primary and secondary source materials.
  • Owen F. Smith, Fluxus: The History Of An Attitude, San Diego State University Press, 1998, 336 pp. Comprehensive survey of the birth, development, and cultural end (or “remnants”) of the Fluxus movement, elucidating the historical and philosophical complexities of the ethos of the movement and illustrating the enduring impact of Fluxus today. Chapter 1. [49]
  • Hannah Higgins, Fluxus Experience, University of California Press, 2002, 259 pp. Based on her theory of aesthetic experience through the philosophical lens of the philosopher John Dewey, Higgins attends to experiential and phenomenological aspects of Fluxus, charts its history in the coincident context of happenings, conceptual, and pop art, discusses the reception of Fluxus, and offers a “Fluxus-Inspired Pedagogy”.
  • Shiomi Mieko, Furukusasu towa nanika: Nichijo to ato o musubitsuketa hitobito [What Is Fluxus? The People Who Connected Art and the Everyday], Tokyo: Firumuātosha, 2005. [50] (Japanese)
  • Lori Waxman, Keep Walking Intently: The Ambulatory Art of the Surrealists, the Situationist international, and Fluxus, Berlin: Sternberg, 2017, 285 pp. [51] (English)
  • Mari Dumett, Corporate Imaginations: Fluxus Strategies for Living, University of California Press, 2017, 400 pp. Based on 2009 PhD dissertation from Boston University. [52]
  • Dick Higgins, Intermedia, Fluxus, and the Something Else Press, eds. Steve Clay and Ken Friedman, Catskill, NY: Siglio, 2018, 364 pp. [53] [54]. Reviews: Gibbons (Hyperallergic), Harren (Artforum), Ox (Leonardo), Waldow (Brooklyn Rail), Galbreth (Glasstire), Kirkus.
  • Luciana Galliano, Japan Fluxus, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2019. [55]
Journal issues
Encyclopedic entries

en Britannica, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, Grove, Oxford DA, Tate, Wikipedia. it Treccani. cr Šuvaković. hu Artportal.



  • Bengt af Klintberg, Svensk fluxus / Swedish Fluxus, Stockholm, 2007, 127 pp. (Swedish)/(English)
  • Billie Maciunas, The Eve of Fluxus: A Flux Memoire, forew. Kristine Stiles, intro. Geoffrey Hendricks, Winter Park, afterw. Larry Miller, FL: Arbiter, 2010. Author divulges titillating stories of her sex life with George Maciunas, and pointed critiques of the bickering, competitiveness, and conflicts within Fluxus that, without her commentary, would have remained otherwise unknown.

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