Arthur Köpcke

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Arthur Köpcke (1928, Hamburg - 1977, Copenhagen), also known as Arthur Køpcke, was a German-born artist known for his contributions to the first generation of Fluxus. Köpcke’s work includes paintings, scrolls, literary works, objects, collages, assemblies and Fluxus boxes.

In 1962 he participated in the Festival of Misfits in London and organized the Fluxus Festival Festum Fluxorum in the Nicolai Church in Copenhagen. Up until the mid-60s, Köpcke participated in most of the main Fluxus festivals in Europe (Paris, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Scheveningen, Aachen etc.). He settled in Copenhagen at the end of 1957 where he founded Gallery Köpcke, with his Danish wife, Aase ("Tut"). The gallery became a contact point for the international avant-garde movements of Nouveau Realisme and Fluxus in Denmark. [1]