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Partial results of the "hello world" test of a machine learning algorithm, automated recognition of handwritten digits, showing 125 test cases that the network got wrong. Each case is labeled by the network’s guess. The true classes are arranged in standard scan order. Source: Hinton et al 2006.
Basic structure of a neural network. Several techno-logical forms can be identified in the concept: scansion, that is discretisation or digitisation since the age of radio, TV, etc.; feedback loop, or the basic concept of cybernetics; and network form, here inspired by biological neurons. Diagram by Matteo Pasquinelli with Lukas Rehm, 2017. Source.

A resource on recent work between art/design and artificial neural networks in machine learning.


Artists, designers[edit]


Literature, data, resources[edit]

Courses and textbooks for artists[edit]

Video lectures
  • Gene Kogan, "Machine Learning for Artists", course taught at ITP, New York University, New York, Spring 2016. 6 lectures, ~15 hours.
  • Gene Kogan, "The Neural Aesthetic", course taught at School Of Machines, Making, and Make-Believe, Berlin, Summer 2016. 8 lectures, ~18 hours.
  • A.I. Experiments, a resource on machine learning art developed by Alexander Chen, creative director at Google Creative Lab, with Yotam Mann, C Christiansen, Jonas Jongejan, Gene Kogan, Kyle McDonald, et al. Launched on 16 Nov 2016.
  • People + AI Research, Google Design, 2018ff.

Data sets[edit]

Scientific introduction into deep learning[edit]

Historization of deep learning[edit]

Recent debates on artificial intelligence in the humanities and social sciences[edit]

Art practice and criticism[edit]

Artists' cultures
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