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Artist, teacher and projects organiser. He has a research interest in 'software art' expressed in various critical writings and projects, such as the co-curated touring exhibition Generator (2002/03) and his PhD thesis 'Antithesis: The Dialectics of Software Art' (2006).

Reader in art + technology, University of Plymouth in Plymouth [1]. Chair of cultural studies, mfa new media, Transart Institute (Donau University, Krems, A) [2]. Researcher, digital aesthetics research centre, Aarhus University [3].

Co-edited 'Economising Culture' and 'Engineering Culture' as part of the DATA browser series (Autonomedia 2004 & 05) [4].

Associate curator of online projects, Arnolfini (Bristol) [5]. Trustee of Kahve-Society [6]. Associate curator at kurator [7]. He is on the council of management of Spacex gallery, and a trustee of the UK Museum of Ordure (with Stuart Brisley and Adrian Ward).