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Inside back cover of Blok 6-7, Warsaw, 1924.
Back cover of MA 8:1, Vienna, 1922.
Back cover of Noi II/1:6-9, Rome, 1924.


What is the relevance of avant-garde magazines printed on aging paper to a society which views the world in real time and through networked digital lenses? There are two common answers. Regardless of their age, the art they carry can be looked at anew since it is only its techniques that pale, and on the other hand, they provide us with a historical record of several generations of artists and writers. Although what strikes the eye first is a variety of their fabrics and of workings of the page, something estranged from the relentless linearity of digital bits and the UX of the glowing screen. Here, they also remind us that our lenses matter as well, their properties are variables.

In their day avant-garde magazines had been the closest to medium-specific publishing. Challenging the standardized procedures of the industry they tended to equalize the importance of writing, editing, illustrations, layout, typography, printing and distribution as mutually constitutive practices. The whole could become greater than the sum of its parts. Produced by makers many of whom were skilled in techniques of printing and mechanical reproduction these works are also fine examples of engaged publishing, a practice whose concerns extend from the content of pages to their ink and fiber. They are relevant not only for historians and art collectors but also for artists, publishers and theorists working today.

Although most of them are well known and indeed--worth a lot--today, only a few journals had any significant impact outside the avant-garde circles in their time. Many of them were published in only dozens of copies and distributed ad hoc. Regardless of their reach, contacts between magazines had been very active. Editors were not only aware of other initiatives across the continent or even continents but were regularly cross-publishing articles and reproductions and promoted other magazines on their own pages.

In the decades after World War II they turned into a domain of art and literary historians who consulted them in libraries and hard-to-access private collections. Artists of later generations were mostly unaware of the actual content of these works. This began to change first with occassional reprints and exhibitions of artists' publications and later, around the turn of the millennium, more radically, with the advent of digitization and the virtue of open access.

The International Dada Archive affiliated with The University of Iowa Libraries has been instrumental in introducing a general audience to many avant-garde magazines through its Digital Dada Library Collection. UbuWeb has featured these and other gems in its notorious Historical section. In recent years many libraries have followed suit by building open-access digital repositories.

We have been playing with the idea of creating a one-page guide to navigate the quickly growing presence of avant-garde magazines online for about a year. The decisive impulse came from the 'discovery' in the early August 2014 of the Fonds Paul Destribats section on the website of Centre Pompidou's Bibliothèque Kandinsky hosting high-quality digital facsimiles of dozens of titles that are, however, surprisingly poorly presented (all but one issue of each title are accessible only after changing characters in URLs). The result is a reference guide to avant-garde and modernist magazines printed in the early decades of the last century, which is hoped to be beneficial to artists, writers and scholars alike. Its main sections include a selection of issues meant to initiate the uninitiated, an index of some of the most referred journals, a collection of online collections containing hundreds more titles, and a short bibliography to a field recently emerged under the poetic banner of modern periodical studies.

The optical fiber and liquid crystals cannot supplant the paper fiber and ink, simply because they belong to different material modalities. So here we are challenged to reengineer in ourselves from the digital the texture, size, weight and smell of the printed matter where it matters the most.

First published 15 August 2014.


Selected magazine issues. See Index for many more.


Title Dates Editors Publisher Text Nos. Online * Scope
La Plume littéraire, artistique et sociale 1889-1914 Léon Deschamps (1889-99), Karl Boès (1899-1914) Paris: La Plume FR 426; bimonthly Gallica (1891-1905, 1911), IADDB (1899-1900) literature and art, Art Nouveau
Entretiens politiques et littéraires 1890-93 Henri de Régnier, Paul Adam, et al. Paris: Edmond Bailly FR 59; monthly; biweekly BMT, Gallica politics, literature
Taarnet: illustreret maanedsskrift for kunst og literatur 1893-94 Johannes Jørgensen Copenhagen DK 12; monthly IA (6), IA (6) symbolist art and literature
The Studio: An Illustrated Magazine of Fine and Applied Art 1893-64 Gleeson White (1893-5), Charles Holme (1895-1919), Geoffrey Holme (1919-) London: The Studio EN 853; monthly UBH (1893-98, 1906), IA (1896-1922, some missing) Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau
The Yellow Book: An Illustrated Quarterly 1894-97 Henry Harland London: Elkin Mathews and John Lane EN 13; quarterly IA, UBH (8 nos.) Aestheticist and Decadent literature and art
Moderní revue 1894-1925 Arnošt Procházka, Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic Prague: Arnošt Procházka CZ IA (5 nos) Symbolist and Decadent literature
PAN: deutsche Kunst- und Literaturzeitschrift 1895-1900 Otto Julius Bierbaum, Julius Meier-Graefe Berlin: Fontane DE 21 UBH Jugendstil, Art Nouveau
The Savoy: An Illustrated Quarterly 1896 Arthur Symons London: Leonard Smithers EN 8; quarterly IA (1-2), IA (3-5), IA (6-8) Decadent art and literature
Jugend: Münchner illustrierte Wochenschrift für Kunst und Leben 1896-1940 Georg Hirth Munich: Jugend DE weekly UBH Jugendstil, Art Nouveau
Volné směry: umělecký mĕsíčník 1896-1948 Miloš Jiránek, Jan Preisler, František Xaver Šalda Prague: Mánes Association of Fine Artists CZ monthly BMT (1896-1902), IA (1900, 1905-08) secessionist art, architecture, literature
The Dome: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine and Review 1897-1900 Ernest J. Oldmeadow London: Unicorn Press EN 24; quarterly (-1898), then monthly MJP (nos 1-5, 1897-1898) literature, art, architecture, music
Dekorative Kunst: Illustrierte Zeitschrift für angewandte Kunst 1897-1929 Munich: Alexander Koch DE monthly MDZ, IA (10/1897-3/1898), IA (even vols. of Die Kunst) Jugendstil, Art Nouveau
Ver Sacrum 1898-1903 Vienna: Secession DE 120; monthly (1898-99), bimonthly (1900-03) ANNO, UBH, Belvedere, IADDB (1898-99) Jugendstil/Secession art
Mir iskusstva 1898-1904 St Petersburg RU art
La Revue Musicale 1901-12 Louis Laloy Paris FR 243+; irregular BMT (1901-09) music
Vesy: nauchno-literaturnyy i kritiko-bibliograficheskiy ezhemesyachnik 1904-09 Valery Bryusov Moscow RU monthly symbolist literature
Camera Work: A Photographic Quarterly 1903-17 Alfred Sieglitz New York: Alfred Sieglitz EN 50; quarterly MJP photography
Poesia: rassegna internazionale 1905-09, 1920 Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Sem Benelli, Vitaliano Ponti Milan IT, FR, DE, EN, ES 36; monthly BMT, CIRCE futurism, symbolism, literature
Zolotoe runo 1906-10 N.P. Riabushinskii Moscow: N. P. Riabushinskii RU monthly symbolist art, literature
The New Age 1907-22 A.R. Orage London: The New Age Press EN weekly MJP literature, arts, mysticism
Futurisme: revista catalana 1907 [Ignasi Folch] Barcelona: La Neotípia CAT 3 ARCA, BVMC futurism
Prometeo 1908-12 Javier Gómez de la Serna Madrid ES 38 BNE literature
The Mask: A Quarterly Illustrated Journal of the Art of Theatre 1908-29 Edward Gordon Craig Florence: A. Goldini EN 70 BMT theatre, art
The English Review 1908-23 Ford Madox Hueffer (1908-09), Austin Harrison (1909-23) London: Duckworth & Co., Chapman & Hall EN monthly MJP (nos 1-15, 1908-10) literature
Ukraïnska khata 1909-14 Pavlo Bohatsky, Mykyta Shapoval Kyiv UA 66; monthly Monoskop (selection) literature, politics
Apollon 1909-17 St Petersburg RU monthly Imwerden symbolist literature, art, architecture, music
La Nouvelle Revue française 1909- André Gide (1909-14), Jacques Rivière (1919-25), Gaston Gallimard & Jean Paulhan (1925-40), a.o. Paris FR literature
Thalia: tidning för scenisk konst och litteratur 1910-13 Gustav Åsbrink, Gustaf Collijn, Andreas Hallén Stockholm SW theatre, music
Shirakaba (白樺) 1910-23 Saneatsu Mushanokōji Tokyo JP monthly literature
Der Sturm: Monatsschrift für Kultur und die Künste 1910-32 Herwarth Walden Berlin: Der Sturm DE 336; weekly (-1914), monthly (-1924), then quarterly BMT, UBH, IADDB expressionist art and literature
Rhythm: Art Music Literature 1911-13 John Middleton Murry London: The Saint Catherine Press, Stephen Swift, Martin Secker EN 14; quarterly (Vol 1), monthly (Vol 2) MJP art, music, literature
Umělecký měsíčník 1911-14 Josef Čapek (1:1-6), Pavel Janák and František Langer (1:7-) Prague: Skupina výtvarných umělců CZ 26; monthly BMT (1:3 missing) art, architecture, cubism
Die Aktion 1911-32 Franz Pfemfert Berlin DE weekly (-1919), biweekly (-1926), then irregular politics, literary expressionism
Simbolul 1912 Tristan Tzara Bucharest: Tipografia Profesională RO 4 BMMS symbolist literature and art
Les Soirées de Paris: recueil mensuel 1912-14 Guillaume Apollinaire Paris FR 27; monthly Gallica
Trudy i dni 1912-16 Moscow: Musaget RU bimonthly Ivanov Centre (1912) symbolism
Poetry: A Magazine of Verse 1912- Harriet Monroe (1912-36), Morton Dauwen Zabel (1936-37), George Dillon (1937-42), a.o. Chicago: Poetry Foundation EN MJP (1912-22) poetry
The Blue Review: Literature Drama Art Music 1913 John Middleton Murry London: Martin Secker EN 3; monthly MJP literature, theatre, art, music
Revolution 1913 Hans Leybold Munich: F.S. Bachmair DE 5 IDL expressionism
The Glebe 1913-14 Alfred Kreymborg Ridgefield, NJ: The Glebe (1913), New York: A. and C. Boni (1913-14) EN 10; irregular BMT literature
Montjoie: organe de l'impérialisme artistique français 1913-14 Ricciotto Canudo Paris FR Gallica (6 numbers) poetry, art, music
Lacerba 1913-15 Giovanni Papini, Ardengo Soffici Firenze: Vallecchi IT 69; bi-weekly (1913-14), weekly (1915) Marengo futurism
Ocharovannyi strannik 1913-16 Victor Khovin St Petersburg RU 10 SHPL (5-7) futurist poetry and art
Die Weissen Blätter. Eine Monatsschrift 1913-20 Leipzig (1913-6), Zürich/Leipzig: Rascher (1916-7), Bern-Bümplitz (1918), Berlin: Cassirer (1919-20) DE monthly IA (I/1-6), IA (I/5-7) expressionist literature
Futuristy: pervyy zhurnal russkikh futuristov 1914 Vasily Kamensky, David Burliuk Moscow: Mysl RU 2 SHPL, Monoskop futurist poetry
Blast: Review of the Great English Vortex 1914-15 Wyndham Lewis London and New York: John Lane; Bell & Cockburn, Toronto EN 2 MJP, Monoskop literature, art
Zeit-Echo: Ein Kriegs-Tagebuch der Künstler 1914-15, 1917 Otto Haas-Heye (Year 1), Hans Siemsen (Year 2), Ludwig Rubiner (Year 3) Munich: Graphik (Year 1-2), Bümpliz-Bern: Zeit-Echo/Benteli (Year 3) DE 42; monthly; then biweekly BMT expressionism, literature, art
The Egoist: An Individualist Review 1914-19 Dora Marsden (until Jun 1914), Harriet Shaw Weaver (Jul 1914-1919) London: The New Freewoman (until Jan 1918), then London: The Egoist EN 74; fortnightly (until Jun 1914), then monthly MJP literature
The Little Review 1914-29 Margaret Anderson (1914-24), jh (Jane Heap, 1924-29) Chicago (1914-17), San Francisco (1916), New York (1917-26), Paris (1929): Margaret Anderson EN monthly (1914-20), irregular (1920-29) MJP (1914-22) literature
La Balza futurista 1915 Guglielmo Jannelli, Luciano Nicastro, Vann’Antò Messina IT 3; biweekly CIRCE futurism
Orpheu: revista trimestral de literatura 1915 Fernando Pessoa, et al. Lisbon PT 2; quarterly PG (1), PG (2) literature
291 1915-16 Alfred Stieglitz New York: 291 Publishing EN 12; monthly Monoskop, BK, BMT, IDL, IDA (1-3, 5-12), UbuWeb (1-3, 5-12) photography, art, literature
A Tett 1915-16 Lajos Kassák Budapest HU 17 DigiPhil
Bruno's Weekly 1915-16 Guido Bruno New York: Charles Edison EN 73; weekly BMT journalism, literature
L'Élan 1915-16 Amédée Ozenfant Paris: Société Générale d'Impression FR 10 BMT, IDL, IDA art, cubism
Themis 1915-16 Rafael Sala Marco Vilanova i la Geltrú CAT, ES, FR, IT 18; biweekly ARCA literature, art
Der freie Strasse 1915-18 Raoul Hausmann, Johannes Baader Berlin: Freie Strasse DE 10 IDL (9-10), IDA (9) dada
Vell i nou: revista mensual d'art 1915-21 Santiago Segura Barcelona: Art M. Bayés CAT monthly BVMC art
Cabaret Voltaire 1916 Hugo Ball Zürich: Meierei DE, FR 1 Monoskop, KHZ, UbuWeb, IDL dada
SIC 1916-19 Pierre Albert-Birot Paris: P. Albert-Birot FR 54; monthly; biweekly BMT, IDL, IDA, Gallica futurist, dada and cubist art and literature
flamman: tidskrift för modern konst 1916-21 Georg Pauli Stockholm: Bröderna Lagerström SW art
MA: Internacionális aktivista müvészeti folyóirat 1916-25 Lajos Kassák, with Béla Uitz (1917-20) Budapest (-1919), then Vienna HU, DE 76 ANNO, Monoskop (2 nos), BK (2 nos) art, politics, literature
The Blindman 1917 Marcel Duchamp, Beatrice Wood, Henri-Pierre Roché New York: Henri Pierre Roché EN 2 Monoskop, BK, Tout-fait, IDL (2), IDA (2), UbuWeb dada, art
Modernisme et compréhension: polémiques: revue d'art 1917 Alfreyd O. Montagne, Ené de Piro Paris FR 2? Monoskop, BK art
Rongwrong 1917 Marcel Duchamp, Beatrice Wood, Henri-Pierre Roché New York FR 1 tout-fait dada, art
Anarkhiia 1917-18 German Askarov Moscow: Moscow Federation of Anarchist Groups RU 99 Monoskop anarchism, art
Nord-Sud: revue littéraire 1917-18 Pierre Reverdy Paris FR 16 BMT dada literature and art, cubism
Un enemic del Poble: fulla de subversió espiritual 1917-19 Joan Salvat-Papasseit Barcelona CAT 18 ARCA, BVMC literature
Dada: recueil littéraire et artistique 1917-21 Tristan Tzara Zürich: Julius Heuberger (1-4/5), Paris: Au Sans Pareil (6-8) FR, DE 8 BMT, Monoskop, IDL (1-7), IDA (1-7), UbuWeb (1-3), Mélusine (1-7) dada literature and art
Zdrój 1917-22 Jerzy Hulewicz Poznań PL 68 expressionist art
391 1917-24 Francis Picabia Barcelona, New York, Zürich, Paris FR 19 Monoskop, Gallica (14 nos), IDL (10 nos), IDA (9 nos), UbuWeb (9 nos) dada
Noi 1917-25 Bino Sanminiatelli, Enrico Prampolini Rome IT 17; irregular Monoskop, CIRCE, IADDB (1923-24) futurism
De Stijl: Maandblad voor de moderne beeldende vakken (en kultuur) 1917-20, 1921-32 Theo van Doesburg Delft (1917-18), Leiden (1918-21), Meudon: Theo van Doesburg NL 90; started monthly IDL, IDA, IADDB, UbuWeb (1917-20), DBNL (1917-20), DBNL (1921-32) art, architecture, design
Klingen 1917-20, 1942 Axel Salto, Poul Uttenreitter, Otto Gelsted Copenhagen: Klingens Forlag DK 29; monthly KB, BMT art
Arc-voltaic 1918 Joan Salvat-Papasseit Barcelona CAT 1 ARCA, BVMC literature, art
L'Instant 1918-19 Joan Pérez-Jorba Paris CAT, FR 13; monthly ARCA art, literature
Iskusstvo kommuny 1918-19 Osip Brik, Nathan Altman, Nikolay Punin St Petersburg: IZO Narkompros RU 19 politics, literature, art
Maski: literatura, sztuka i satyra 1918-19 Bartłomiej Gofron Kraków: Bartłomiej Gofron PL 54 RCIN literature, art, satire
Grecia: revista de literatura 1918-20 Isaac del Vando Villar Sevilla ES 50 BNE literature
Roma futurista 1918-20 Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1-21), Giacomo Balla (53-73), et al. Rome IT c71; weekly BRBL (3 issues) politics, futurist art and literature
Der Ararat: Glossen, Skizzen und Notizen zur neuen Kunst 1918-21 Hans Goltz Munich: Goltzverlag DE 22 IDL, IDA dada
Menschen: Buchfolge neuer Kunst 1918-21 Felix Stiemer, Heinar Schilling, Walter Hasenclever, Iwan Goll Dresden: Dresdner Verlag DE 113 IDL (12-28, 33-45) dada
Valori plastici: rivista d'arte 1918-22 Mario Broglio Rome IT BiASA art, literature, pittura metafisica
Wendingen 1918-21, 1923-25, 1927-31 Hendrik Wijdeveld Amsterdam: De Hooge Brug NL, EN, FR, DE 144; monthly TU Delft, IADDB (NL), IADDB (EN), IADDB (FR), IADDB (DE) architecture
Pegaso 1918-24 Pablo de Grecia, José María Delgado, Rodolfo Mezzera Montevideo ES 72; monthly PPU, IA (1918-21), IA (1921-24) literature
Aujourd'hui: revue des valeurs nouvelles paraissant quatre fois l'an 1919 Claude Autant-Lara, Marcel Vion Paris FR 1 Monoskop, BK music, literature
Dinamo: rivista futurista 1919 Emilio Settimelli, Mario Carli and Remo Chiti (1-3), Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (4-7) Rome IT 7; monthly CIRCE futurism
Der Dada 1919-20 Raoul Hausmann, John Heartfield, George Grosz Berlin DE 3 IDL, IDA, UbuWeb dada
Exlex 1919-20 Ragnvald Blix Oslo (-Aug 1919), Copenhagen DK, SW 96; weekly art and satire
Der Zweemann 1919-20 F. W. Wagner, Christof Spengemann, Hans Schiebelhuth Hanover DE 10 IDL (3-6, 8-10), IDA (3-6, 8-10) dada
Coterie: A Quarterly: Art, Prose, and Poetry 1919-21 Chaman Lall London: Hendersons EN 7; quarterly MJP poetry, art
Formiści 1919-21 Tytus Czyżewski, Konrad Winkler, Leon Chwistek Krakow PL 6 Monoskop (2 issues), BK (2 issues) art, literature
Wianki 1919-23 Franciszek Czesław Janczyk Kraków: Franciszek Czesław Janczyk PL 12 WBC (9 issues) art
Littérature 1919-24 Louis Aragon, André Breton, Philippe Soupault Paris FR 33 IDL, IDA, UbuWeb dada
Die Pleite 1919-24 Wieland Herzfelde, George Grosz, John Heartfield Berlin, Zürich, Vienna DE 11 IDL, IDA dada
S4N 1919-25 Norman Fitts Northampton, MA EN 33 Monoskop (7 issues), BK (7 issues) literature, art, music
La Cité: urbanisme, architecture, art public 1919-35 Brussels: Lamertin FR 147; monthly; later irregular BMT, IADDB (4-5) architecture, art
Cannibale 1920 Francis Picabia Paris FR 2 IDL, IDA, UbuWeb (2) dada
Die Freude: Blatter einer neuen Gesinnung 1920 Wilhelm Uhde Burg Lauenstein / Oberfranken DE 1 IDL, IDA dada
Der Marstall 1920 Paul Steegemann Hanover DE 2 IDL, IDA dada
Projecteur 1920 Céline Arnauld Paris FR 1 IDL, IDA dada
Die Schammade 1920 Max Ernst, Johannes Baargeld Cologne: Schloemilch Verlag DE 1 IDL dada
Z 1920 Paul Dermée Paris FR 1 Monoskop, IDL, IDA dada
Orfeus: umělecký měsíčník 1920-21 Ladislav Vladyka, Karel Teige (1), Miloš Jirko (2-3) Prague: Umělecký kruh CZ 3 Monoskop (1), BK (1) art, literature
Ruimte 1920-21 Eugène de Bock, Victor Brunclair Antwerp: De Sikkel NL 20 expressionist literature
La testa di ferro 1920-21 Mario Carli Rijeka (until Jun 1920), Milan
Trije labodje 1920-21 Marij Kogoj, Anton Podbevšek, Josip Vidmar Novo Mesto
Action: cahiers de philosophie et d’art 1920-22 Florent Fels, Marcel Sauvage Paris FR 10+1 BMT, IDL, IDA dada
Proverbe: feuille mensuelle 1920-22 Paul Éluard Paris: Paul Éluard FR 6 BMT, Monoskop (1, 3, 5), IDL (1, 3, 5), IDA (3, 5) dada
Ça ira! Revue mensuelle d'art et de critique 1920-23 Maurice Van Essche, Clément Pansaers, Paul Neuhuys Antwerp: Eeckeren FR 20; monthly IADDB (5, 6, 8, 12, 16, 20), IDL (16) dada and expressionist art, literature, politics
L'Esprit nouveau: revue internationale illustrée de l'activité contemporaine: arts, lettres, sciences 1920-25 Paul Dermée and Michel Seuphor, later Charles-Edouard Jeanneret and Amédée Ozenfant Paris: Éditions de l'Esprit Nouveau FR 28; bimonthly Cité art, literature
La Vie des Lettres et des Arts 1920-26 Nicolas Beauduin, William Speth Paris: J. Povolozky FR 21 literature, art
The Dial [1920]-29 Scofield Thayer, James Sibley Watson New York EN 114 HathiTrust (1920-22), Google, MMB (1920-22) literature
Skamander: miesięcznik poetycki 1920-39 Władysław Zawistowski Warsaw: Władysław Zawistowski PL 110 EBUW poetry
Jednodńuwka futurystuw 1921 Bruno Jasieński (1), Anatol Stern (2) Krakow (1-2), Warsaw (2) PL 2 Monoskop, Polona (1), Polona (2) futurism
New York Dada 1921 Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray New York EN 1 Monoskop, BK dada
Aventure 1921-22 René Crevel Paris FR 3 IDL, IDA dada
Blad voor kunst 1921-22 Jan Wiegers, J.G. Jordens, A. Defresne, Daniël Ruyneman Groningen: Hendrik Werkman NL 6 IADDB art, literature, music
Gargoyle 1921-22 Arthur Moss Paris EN Monoskop (3:5-6), BK (3:5-6) literature, art
Kinofon: revija za filmsku kulturu 1921-22 Branko Ve Poljanski, Dragan Aleksić Zagreb CR 12 film
Nowa sztuka: miesięcznik artystyczny 1921-22 Anatol Stern, Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz Warsaw PL 2 Monoskop, RCIN poetry
Prisma: revista literaria 1921-22 Buenos Aires ES 7 literature
The Tyro: A Review of the Arts of Painting Sculpture and Design 1921-22 Wyndham Lewis London: The Egoist Press EN 2 MJP art, design
Spolokhi 1921-23 A.N. Drozdov (1-14), E.A. Gutrov (15-21) Berlin RU 21; monthly Librarium (5, 9) art, literature
Broom: An International Magazine of the Arts 1921-24 Harold A.Loeb, Alfred Kreymborg, et al. Rome (1921-22), Berlin (1922-23), New York (1923-24) EN 21; monthly BMT, IADDB, IDL (1:1, 1:4, 2:1-2, 4:1) dada-oriented art and literature
Creación: revista internacional de arte 1921-24 Vicente Huidobro Madrid (1), Paris (2) ES 3 literature, art
Het Overzicht: Half-Maandelijks Tijdschrift: Kunst, Letteren, Menshei 1921-25 Michel Seuphor, Geert Pijnenburg (-1922), Jozef Peeters (1922-) Antwerp NL-BE 24 IADDB constructivist art, literature, music, architecture
Jar-Ptitza 1921-26 A.E. Kogan Berlin (1-13), Paris (14): A.E. Kogan RU 14 Librarium (1-6, 12, 14) literature, art
Zenit 1921-26 Ljubomir Micić Zagreb (1921-23), Belgrade (1923-26) SR, CR, DE, FR 43; monthly Monoskop, NBS, WDL, IDL (17-18) constructivist, futurist and dada art and literature
Život: výtvarný sborník 1921-48 Prague: Výtvarný odbor Umělecké besedy CZ 21 Monoskop (2-10), BK (2-10) art, literature
Veshch / Gegenstand / Objet 1922 El Lissitzky, Ilya Ehrenberg Berlin: Skythen RU, DE, FR 3; monthly Monoskop, IADDB (1-2) art
Le Coeur à barbe: journal transparent 1922 Tristan Tzara Paris: Au Sans Pareil FR 1 BMT, Monoskop, IDL, IDA dada
Dada Jazz 1922 Dragan Aleksić Zagreb CR, FR 1 dada
Dada-Jok 1922 Ljubomir Micić, Branko Ve Poljanski Zagreb CR 1 art
Dada Tank 1922 Dragan Aleksić Zagreb CR 1 Monoskop, BK dada
Rdeči pilot 1922 Anton Podbevšek Ljubljana
Ultra: kirjallistaiteellinen aikakauslehti: tidskrift för ny konst och litteratur 1922 Lauri Haarla, Haggar Olsson, Raoul af Hällström Helsinki FI, SW 8; biweekly BMT art, literature
Akasztott Ember: az egyetemes szocialista kultura orgánuma 1922-23 Sándor Barta Vienna HU 5 politics, art
Horizonte 1922-23 Pedro Garfias, Juan Chabás, José Rivas Madrid ES 5 BNE (2-3) ultraismo
Kino-fot: zhurnal kinematografii i fotografii 1922-23 Aleksei Gan Moscow: Aleksei Gan RU 6 Monoskop (1-2), Togdazine (1-2), selections constructivist photography, film
Klaxon: mensário de arte moderna 1922-23 Mário de Andrade São Paulo PT 9 Brasiliana, HDB, Monoskop art, film
Mécano 1922-23 Theo van Doesburg Leiden NL, FR, DE 5 Monoskop (1-3), BRBL (1, 3), IADDB (1-3), IDL (3) dada, constructivism
MSS 1922-23 Paul Rosenfeld, Alfred Stieglitz, Herbert J. Seligmann New York EN 6 Monoskop, BK, IADDB (1922), IDL (4) art
Egység, Irodalom, Művészet 1922-24 Aladár Komját, Béla Uitz Vienna (1922, 1924), Berlin (1923-24) HU politics, literature, art
Gostinitsa dlya puteshestvuyuschih v prekrasnom 1922-24 N. Savkin Moscow RU 4 SHPL (4) imaginist poetry
Putevi: mesecne sveske za umetnost i filozofiju 1922-24 Milan Denidac, Marko Ristić, Dušan Duda Timotijević Belgrade SR 7 Monoskop (1-2), BK (1-2) pre-surrealist literature and art
Secession 1922-24 Gorham Munson, et al. New York EN 8 Jacket2, BMT (1-5, 7-8), BK (1-5, 7) literature
Proa 1922-25 Jorge Luis Borges, Macedonio Fernández, Brandán Caraffa, Ricardo Güiraldes, Pablo Rojas Paz Buenos Aires ES 18 Trapalanda (1924-25), Gallica (no. 2:1) literature
Út 1922-25 Zoltán Csuka Novi Sad HU literature, art
Zwrotnica: sztuka teraźniej szości 1922-23, 1926-27 Tadeusz Peiper Krakow PL 12; monthly Monoskop, RCIN art
7 Arts: tous les arts 1922-28 Pierre Bourgeois, Victor Bourgeois Brussels: L'Equerre FR 156 constructivist art
Manomètre 1922-28 Émile Malespine Lyon FR 9; irregular Gallica, Monoskop suridealism
Contimporanul 1922-32 Ion Vinea, Marcel Janco Bucharest RO 102; weekly (-1924), monthly Monoskop (26-95), BCUC (26-95), BMMS (26-71) literature, art
Die Form: Zeitschrift für gestaltende Arbeit 1922, 1925-35 Walter Curt Behrendt (-1926), Walter Riezler (1926-) Berlin DE UBH, IADDB architecture, design
Stavba: měsíčník pro stavební umění 1922-38 Karel Teige (1923-28), Oldřich Starý (1928-37), Jan E. Koula (1928-37), et al. Prague: Klub architektů CZ monthly architecture
The Criterion 1922-39 T.S. Eliot 71 EN quarterly MM (no. 3:11), TSEliot.com (nos. 1 & 71), BradBirzer (1921-25) literature
Perevoz Dada 1922-49 Sergei Sharshun Berlin, Paris RU 13 IDL (1, 4) dada
Futurist Aristocracy 1923 Nanni Leone Castelli New York EN 1 Monoskop, BK futurism
Irradiador: revista de vanguardia 1923 Fermín Revueltas Mexico ES 3 Monoskop, eVols estridentismo, art, poetry
Laikmets 1923 Karlis Zale, Arnolds Dzirkals Berlin LV 4 art
Russkoye iskusstvo 1923 Moscow: Tvorchestvo RU, DE, FR, EN 3 art
Disk: internacionální revue 1923-25 Jaromír Krejcar, Jaroslav Seifert, Karel Teige Prague: Devětsil CZ 2 Monoskop (1), BK (1) literature, art
LEF 1923-25 Osip Brik, Vladimir Mayakovsky Moscow: Gosizdat RU 7 Monoskop, SovLit Futurist & Productivist art, journalism, literature, photography
Reflektor: czasopismo literackie 1923-25 Czesław Bobrowski Lublin: Wacław Gralewski PL 4 TNN, UMCS (3 issues) literature
G: Material zur elementaren Gestaltung 1923-26 Hans Richter Berlin DE 5 BRBL (1), Monoskop (1), IADDB (3) architecture, industrial design, photography, art, film
The Next Call 1923-26 Hendrik Werkman Groningen NL 9 typography
Merz 1923-32 Kurt Schwitters Hanover DE, FR 21 IDL (1-2, 4, 6-9, 11, 20-21), IDA (1-2, 4, 6-9, 20-21), IADDB (1, 4, 6-9, 14/15, 21) dada
L'Architecture vivante 1923-33 Jean Badovici Paris: A. Morancé FR 21; biannual Cité architecture
Kallol (কল্লোল) 1923-35 Dineshranjan Das, Gokulchandra Nag Calcutta BN WBPL literature
75HP 1924 Ilarie Voronca, Stéphane Roll, Victor Brauner Bucharest RO 1 Monoskop, BK, BMMS art, literature
Flechas 1924 Federico Bolaños, Magda Portal Lima ES 6
Novi oder 1924 Ferdo Delak Ljubljana
Surréalisme 1924 Ivan Goll Paris FR 1 BMT, Monoskop surrealism, literature
The Transatlantic Review 1924 Ford Madox Ford London: Gerald Duckworth and Company EN 12 literature
Almanach Nowej Sztuki 1924-25 Stefan Kordian Gacki Warsaw: Ogniwo PL 4 JDL art
Athena: revista de arte 1924-25 Fernando Pessoa, Ruy Vaz Lisbon: Imprensa Libanio da Silva PT 5 CFP art, literature
Correspondance 1924-25 Paul Nougé, Camille Goemans, Marcel Lecomte Brussels FR 26 surrealist art
MAVO 1924-25 Tatsuo Okada, Tomoyoshi Murayama Tokyo: Chōryūsha JP 7 Monoskop (1-6) art, literature
Punct: revistă de artă constructivistă internaţională 1924-25 Victor Brauner (2-9), Stéphane Roll Bucharest RO 16 Monoskop, BCUC, BMMS constructivist art, architecture and literature
Svedočanstva: književni časopis 1924-25 Belgrade SR 8 PDF (no. 1), PDF (no. 4)
Blok: czasopismo awangardy artystycznej 1924-26 Blok Warsaw: Blok PL 11 Monoskop, BK, JDL constructivist art, architecture, theatre
Pásmo: revue internationale moderne 1924-26 Devětsil (Artuš Černík) Brno CZ 24; monthly CAS, IADDB (1924-25) constructivist and poetist art and literature
Bulletin de l'Effort moderne 1924-27 Léonce Rosenberg Paris FR Gallica art
Martín Fierro 1924-27 Evar Méndez Buenos Aires ES 45 ahiRa literature
ABC: Beiträge zum Bauen 1924-28 Hans Schmidt, Mart Stam, El Lissitzky, Emil Roth Basel DE 10 Monoskop constructivist architecture
CAP: Critique Art Philosophie 1924-28 Marcel Hiver Paris FR 9 Monoskop (1-3, 5-7), BK (1-3, 5-7) literature, art, philosophy
La Révolution surréaliste 1924-29 Pierre Naville, Benjamin Péret, et al. Paris FR 12 Gallica, Arcane 17, Mélusine surrealism
DAV 1924-37 Vladimír Clementis (1924-35), et al. Prague, Bratislava SK quarterly Monoskop (2 issues), BK (1 issue) art, philosophy, literature, politics
Wiadomości Literackie 1924-39 Mieczysław Grydzewski Warsaw PL weekly MBC literature
Aesthete 1925 1925 Walter S. Hankel, et al. New York EN 1 IDL, IDA literature
Œsophage 1925 E.L.T. Mesens, René Magritte Brussels FR 1 dada, art
Le Tour de Babel 1925 Constant Zarian Paris FR 1 Monoskop, BK art, literature
De Driehoek 1925-26 Jozef Peeters Antwerpen NL 10 IADDB constructivist art
Periszkop: a havi szemle új tipusa 1925-26 György Szántó Arad HU, RO 5 Monoskop (1-2) art
Integral: revistă de sinteză modernă 1925-28 Max Herman Maxy Bucharest: Tipografia Reforma socială, Paris RO 15 BMMS, IADDB (2, 11) art
This Quarter 1925-32 Ernest Walsh (1925-26), Ethel Moorhead (1925-29), Edward W. Titus (1929-32) Paris, Milan (1:2, 1925), Monte Carlo (1:3-4, 1927 and 1929) EN literature
Fire!! Devoted to Younger Negro Artists 1926 New York US 1 Monoskop Log literature, Harlem Renaissance
Hélice 1926 Camilo Egas, Raúl Andrade Quito ES 4
Marie: journal bimensuel pour la belle jeunesse 1926 E.L.T. Mesens Brussels FR 4 dada and surrealist art
Večnost 1926 Risto Ratković, Mony de Boully Belgrade SR 5
Clarté 1926-27 Anton Hansen (1926), Knud Korst (1927) Copenhagen DK 24 KB
Dokumentum: művészeti és társadalmi beszámoló 1926-27 Lajos Kassák Budapest HU 5 Monoskop, BK (1-2, 4-5) constructivist art and literature
Horizonte 1926-27 Germán List Arzubide Xalapa, MX ES 10 estridentismo
Ray: Art Miscellany 1926-27 Sidney Hunt London EN 2 IADDB (2)
Voorslag: A Magazine of South African Life and Art 1926-27 Roy Campbell (nos. 1-3), a.o. Durban EN 11 literature
Kritisk Revy 1926-28 Poul Henningsen, Edvard Heiberg, et al. Copenhagen: Poul Henningsen DK 11 KB (7 issues), IADDB architecture, politics
Amauta: revista mensual de doctrina, literatura, arte, polémica 1926-30 José Carlos Mariátegui Lima ES 32 IAI
Praesens: revue moderne 1926, 1930 Szymon Syrkus Warsaw PL, FR 2 Monoskop, BK architecture, painting, photography, theatre, film, poetry
Sovremennaya architektura 1926-30 Moisei Ginzburg (1926-28), Vesnin brothers (1926-28), Roman Khiger (1928-30) Moscow: OSA RU 30; bimonthly Monoskop (2 issues missing), Charnel-House (4 issues missing), Tehne (1926-27) architecture
L'Art cinématographique 1926-31 Paris: Félix Alcan FR 8 Monoskop, BK film
bauhaus: zeitschrift für gestaltung 1926-31 Walter Gropius and László Moholy-Nagy (1:1-2:1), Ernst Kállai (2:2/3-3:4), Ludwig Hilberseimer (4:1), Josef Albers (4:2), W. Kandinsky (4:3) Dessau DE 15 Monoskop, IADDB (14), Baunet (5), BRBL (1) art, craft, design, architecture
Das neue Frankfurt 1926-31 Ernst May Frankfurt a.M.: Englert und Schlosser DE 55; monthly UBH urbanism, architecture
Solaria: Rivista mensile di letteratura 1926-34 Alberto Carocci Firenze IT monthly CIRCE literature
Dźwignia 1927-28 Mieczysław Szczuka (1927), Teresa Żarnowerówna (1927-28) Warsaw PL 8 Monoskop (1-5, 7-8), RCIN (1-5, 7-8) art, politics
Novyi LEF 1927-28 Vladimir Mayakovsky, Sergei Tretyakov Moscow: Gosizdat RU 24; monthly Monoskop, SovLit journalism, literature, photography, film
Tank: revue internationale de l'art vivant 1927-28 Ferdinand Delak, Avgust Černigoj Ljubljana: Ferdinand Delak SL, DE, FR, CR, EO 3 Monoskop constructivist art, literature
La Revue indigène: les arts et la vie 1927-28 Port-au-Prince, HT FR 6 DLOC, EN trans. (selection)
Ulises 1927-28 Xavier Villaurrutia, Salvador Novo México, D.F. ES 6 poetry
i10 1927-29 Amsterdam: Arthur Lehning NL, FR, DE, EN IADDB, DBNL art
Nova generatsiia 1927-30 Mykhailo Semenko Kharkiv UA 36; monthly Monoskop (1), UArtLib (1) literature
Revista de Avance 1927-30 Alejo Carpentier, a.o. Havana ES 30 BNE literature
La Gaceta literaria: ibérica-americana-internacional 1927-31 Ernesto Giménez Caballero Madrid ES 119; biweekly BNE literature, art, music, architecture
ReD: měsíčník pro moderní kulturu 1927-31 Karel Teige Prague: Devětsil CZ 30; monthly Monoskop, IADDB (1927-30) literature, art, photography, architecture
Horizont: revue současné kultury v Československu 1927-32 Jiří Kroha, Jaroslav B. Svrček Brno: Václav Roštlapil CZ 38 Monoskop (1927), BK (1927) architecture, art, theatre
Close Up 1927-33 Kenneth Macpherson Territet/CH (-1930) and London (1928-): Pool EN monthly (1927-30), quarterly (1931-33) MHDL, Monoskop Log (selection) film
transition 1927-38 Eugene Jolas Paris (1927-28), Colombey-les-deux-Eglises (1928-38) EN 27; monthly (-1928), quarterly (1928-30), then irregular Gallica, Monoskop Log (selection, 1927-30) surrealist, expressionist and dada literature and art
Discontinuité 1928 Arthur Adamov, Claude Sernet Paris FR 1 Monoskop, BK literature
Distances 1928 Camille Goemans, Paul Nougé Paris, Brussels FR 3 surrealist art
Société Anonyme Brochure Quarterly 1928 Katherine Dreier New York: Société Anonyme EN 2 IADDB
Urmuz: vitrină de artă nouă 1928 Geo Bogza Câmpina RO 5 Monoskop, BMMS dada, constructivism
Válvula 1928 Arturo Uslar Pietri, a.o. Caracas ES 1 SABER
50 u Evropi 1928-29 Zvezdan Vujadinović Belgrade SR 3 Nadrealizam, Monoskop surrealism
Quosego: tidskrift för ny generation 1928-29 Cid Erik Tallqvist Helsinki SW 4 literature
Revista de Antropofagia 1928-29 Oswald de Andrade São Paulo PT-BR 26 Brasiliana, UbuWeb literature, art
Tragovi 1928-29 Đorđe Kostić, Oskar Davičo, Đorđe Jovanović Belgrade SR 3 surrealism
Qué (Revista de interrogantes) 1928-30 Aldo Pellegrini, Elías Piterbarg Buenos Aires ES 2 UAM surrealist literature
Contemporáneos 1928-31 José Gorostiza, Carlos Pellicer, Bernardo Ortiz de Montellano, Enrique González Rojo, Jaime Torres Bodet México, D.F. ES 43 BNE (8 nos) literature
Le Grand jeu 1928-32 Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, René Daumal, Roger Vailland, Joseph Sima Paris FR 4 surrealism
Unu: avantgardă literară 1928-32 Saşa Pană Bucharest RO 50; monthly BCUC (some missing), BMMS (many missing), Monoskop (many missing) dada and surrealist literature
Munka 1928-39 Lajos Kassák Budapest HU 65 art, literature, politics
Libra 1929 Francisco Luis Bernárdez, Leopoldo Marechal Buenos Aires ES 1 ahiRa literature
L'Art Contemporain - Sztuka Współczesna 1929-30 Jan Brzękowski, Nadieżda Wanda Chodasiewicz-Grabowska Paris FR, PL 3 Monoskop, BK art
Documents 1929-31 Georges Bataille Paris FR 15 Gallica, Monoskop surrealism
Hèlix 1929-30 Joan Ramon Masoliver Vilafranca del Penedés CAT 10 ARCA literature
Bifur 1929-31 Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes Paris: Éditions du Carrefour FR 8 Gallica surrealism
Index: list pro kulturní politiku 1929-39 Bedřich Václavek Brno: Spolek Index CZ monthly DLML
Adam 1929-95 Isac Ludo (1929-36), Miron Grindea (1936-40) Bucharest (1929-40), London (1941-95) RO, YI (1929-40), EN, FR (1941-95) BMMS (1929-33) literature
Art concret: groupe et revue fondés en 1930 à Paris 1930 Jean Hélion Paris FR 1 Monoskop, BK art
Cercle et Carré 1930 Joaquín Torres-García, Michel Seuphor Paris FR 3 Monoskop, IADDB abstract art
Zvěrokruh: měsíčník soudobého umění 1930 Vítězslav Nezval Prague: Studentské knihkupectví CZ 2; monthly Monoskop, BK surrealist art and literature
Alge: revistă de artă modernă 1930-31 Aureliu Baranga Bucharest RO 6; irregular Monoskop, BCUC, BMMS (1-3) art
Levá fronta 1930-33 Stanislav Neumann, et al. Prague: Odeon and Průlom CZ weekly CAS (1930-31) politics, literature, art
Le Surréalisme au service de la révolution 1930-33 Paris FR 6 Arcane 17 (1, 3) surrealist art and literature
Kvart: sborník poezie a vědy 1930-37, 1945-49 Vít Obrtel Prague CZ bimonthly poetry, literature, theory
nová bratislava 1931-32 Bratislava SK, CZ, DE 4; monthly art, design
Nadrealizam danas i ovde 1931-32 Belgrade SR 3 Nadrealizam, Monoskop surrealist art and literature
The Beacon 1931-33 Albert Gomes Port of Spain, Trinidad EN 28; monthly literature
Linja: czasopismo awangardy literackiej 1931-33 J. Kurek Krakow PL 5 Monoskop, BK literature
Spektrum 1931-33 Josef Riwkin et al Stockholm SW literature, art, music, architecture, theory
Forum. Zeitschrift für Kunst, Bau und Einrichtung 1931-38 Endre Szőnyi, Endre Steiner Bratislava DE, HU, SK monthly architecture, interior design, art
Sur 1931-92 Victoria Ocampo, a.o. Buenos Aires ES 371 Trapalanda (1931-50) literature
Légitime défense 1932 Etienne Léro, et al Paris FR 1 Gallica marxist surrealism
Barykady: miesięcznik literacko-społeczny 1932-33 Józef Łobodowski Lublin: Józef Łobodowski PL 3 TNN (1), JDL (1)
Die neue Stadt 1932-33 Joseph Gantner Frankfurt a.M.: Philipp L. Fink DE 13; monthly UBH urbanism, architecture
Ulise: revistă de literatură 1932-33 Lucian Boz Bucharest: Tipografia Bucovina RO 4 BMMS literature
Abstraction-création: art non-figuratif 1932-36 Jean Hélion (1), Auguste Herbin (2), Georges Vantongerloo (3-4), Étienne Béothy (5) Paris: Abstraction-création FR 5; annually Monoskop, IADDB, Gallica abstract art
Gaceta de arte 1932-36 Eduardo Westerdahl Santa Cruz de Tenerife ES 38; monthly Jable, UAM (2) literature, culture
Kamena: miesięcznik literacki 1933-93 Kazimierz Andrzej Jaworski, Zenon Waśniewski Chelm: Zenon Waśniewski (1933-39) PL monthly TNN (1933-81) literature
Mouvement: cinématographie, littérature, musique, publicité 1933 Maurice Aubergé Paris FR 3 Monoskop, BK film, literature, music
Le Phare de Neuilly 1933 Lise Deharme Paris FR 4 Monoskop, BK surrealist literature
PLAN: tidsskrift for bolig- og byggespørsmål 1933-36 Oslo: Socialist Architects' Society NO 4 architecture
Minotaure 1933-39 André Breton, Pierre Mabille Paris: Albert Skira FR 13 surrealism
Ekran: měsíčník pro moderní film a fotografii 1934 František Kalivoda Brno: Vladislav Binder CZ, DE 1; monthly Monoskop, BK film
Karavan 1934-35 Artur Lundkvist Stockholm SW 5 literature
Linien 1934-35 Vilhelm Bjerke-Petersen, Ejler Bille, Richard Mortensen Copenhagen DK 12 abstract-surrealist art
Konkretion. Interskandinavisk tidsskrift for kunsten af i dag 1935-36 Vilhelm Bjerke-Petersen Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm DK, NO, SW 6 art
Axis: a quarterly review of contemporary ″abstract″ painting & sculpture 1935-37 Myfanwy Evans London EN 8; quarterly Monoskop, BK art
Kavita (Kobita, কবিতা) 1935-61 Buddhadeb Bosu, a.o. Calcutta: Buddhadeb Bosu BN poetry
Telehor: The International Review New Vision 1936 František Kalivoda Brno: Fr. Kalivoda EN, CZ, DE, FR 2; quarterly Monoskop, BK, IADDB art, design
Acéphale: religion, sociologie, philosophie 1936-39 Georges Bataille Paris: G.L.M. FR 5 Monoskop, BK philosophy, religion, surrealism
Círculo y Cuadrado: revista de la Asociación de Arte Constructivo 1936-43 Joaquín Torres-García Montevideo ES, FR 10 Monoskop, PPU, IADDB abstract art
aka: časopis pro průmyslové umění 1937-38 František Kalivoda Brno: Klub průmyslového umění CZ 2 Monoskop industrial design
Plastique 1937-39 Sophie Taeuber-Arp Paris, New York FR, DE, EN constructivist art
Plus: orientations of contemporary architecture 1938-39 Wallace K. Harrison, William Lescaze, et al. New York: Time EN 3; bimonthly Monoskop, BK architecture, design
Les Réverbères 1938-39 Jean Marembert (1-2), Pierre Minne (3-5), Michel Tapié Paris FR 5 Monoskop, BK literature
London Bulletin 1938-40 E.L.T. Mesens London: London Gallery EN, FR 20 Monoskop, BK surrealist and cubist art
Mandrágora 1938-43 Braulio Arenas, Teófilo Cid, Enrique Gómez-Correa, Jorge Cáceres Santiago de Chile ES 7 MemChile, UAM surrealism
View 1940-47 Charles Henri Ford, Parker Tyler New York: Charles Henri Ford EN 32 IADDB, Log (anthology) surrealism
Decision: A Review of Free Culture 1941-42 Klaus Mann New York: Decision, Inc. EN 14 BRBL literature
Helhesten 1941-44 Asger Jorn, Egill Jacobsen, Ejler Bille, Carl-Henning Pedersen, Robert Dahlmann Olsen Copenhagen DK 12 IA (9 nos) new realism
Tropiques: revue culturelle 1941-45 Aimé Césaire Fort-de-France, Martinique FR 14 literature
Leit motiv 1942-43 Braulio Arenas Santiago de Chile ES 3 UAM surrealism
DYN 1942-44 Wolfgang Paalen Mexico City FR, EN 6 surrealism
Preview 1942-44 Patrick Anderson, a.o. Montreal EN 23 poetry
VVV 1942-44 David Hare, André Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst New York EN 4 surrealism
First Statement 1942-45 John Sutherland Montreal EN poetry
BIM 1942-96, 2007- Frank Collymore (1942-80), a.o. Bridgetown, Barbados EN literature. WP. [3], [4].
Focus 1943-88 Edna Manley (1-4), Mervyn Morris (5) Jamaica EN 5 literature
Postismo 1945 Carlos Edmundo de Ory Madrid ES 1 UAM post-surrealist literature
La Cerbatana: revista ilustrada de la nueva estética 1945 Carlos Edmundo de Ory Madrid ES 1 UAM post-surrealist literature


Issues added 16-22 Aug 2014: Acéphale (+4 issues, now in full run), Bauhaus (+1), Blok (+7, full run), Dada Tank (+1, full run), DAV (+1), Disk (+1), Formiści‎ (+2), Linja (+4), MAVO (context), MSS (+4, full run), Telehor (+1, full run), Zvěrokruh‎‎ (+2, full run).

Issues added 9-10 Sep 2014: CAP (+7 issues), LEF (8 issues in colour and higher resolution), Das neue Frankfurt (full run), Die neue Stadt (full run), Plus (+3, full run), Putevi (+2), S4N (+7), Tank (2 issues in higher resolution).

Polish magazines added 12-15 Sep 2014 (via Przemysław Strożek): Almanach Nowej Sztuki, Barykady, Kamena, Maski, Reflektor: czasopismo literackie, Skamander, Wiadomości Literackie, Wianki.

Full runs of PAN, Ver Sacrum and MA added 28 Nov 2014.

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Scans of Veshch, ReD, aka and Periszkop are no longer available on the NYPL website, however copies can be downloaded from their respective pages on Monoskop. (7 Jan 2016)

Full runs of Taarnet, Bifur, Légitime défense, Clarté, Qué, Gaceta de arte, Mandrágora, Leit motiv, Postismo, and La Cerbatana added 13 Mar 2016 (see above).

Cabaret Voltaire added 18 Mar 2016.

Lacerba added 23 Mar 2016.

Die Weissen Blätter added 24 Mar 2016.

The Dome, Camera Work, The New Age, The English Review, The Blue Review, Coterie, The Tyro, Umělecký měsíčník, and Les Soirées de Paris added 25 Mar 2016.

Valori plastici and Solaria added 29 Mar 2016.

Horizonte added 1 Apr 2016.

La Plume, The Studio, The Yellow Book, The Savoy, Jugend, and Dekorative Kunst added 15 May 2016.

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Shirakaba, Prisma, Proa, Kallol, Flechas, Martín Fierro, Hélice, Horizonte, Voorslag, Amauta, La Revue indigène, Ulises, Revista de Avance, Válvula, Contemporáneos, Libra, The Beacon, Sur, and Kavita added 27 Dec 2017.

Helhesten added 5 Oct 2018; scans added 21 Jul 2022.

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