Marcel Janco

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Born May 24, 1895(1895-05-24)
Died April 21, 1984(1984-04-21) (aged 88)
Tel Aviv, Israel
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Cover of La Première Aventure céléste de Mr. Antipyrine (1916), a book by Tristan Tzara, illustrated by Janco.

Marcel Janco (Marcel Hermann Iancu; last name also Ianco, Janko or Jancu) was a Romanian and Israeli visual artist, architect and art theorist. He was the co-inventor of Dada and a leading exponent of Constructivism in Eastern Europe.

Together with Ion Vinea he was an editor of the Contimporanul magazine in Bucharest (1922-32).

Selected works[edit]


  • Germany – Dada, an Alphabet of German Dadaism, dir. Helmut Herbst, 1968.
  • Şi s-au dus ca vântul..., dir. Radu Gabrea and Costel Safirman, Romania, 2010. A documentary about the Baraseum Theater. [1]


  • Centenar Marcel Iancu: Arhitect, artist plastic, teoretician, Bucharest: Muzeul Național de Artă, 1997. (Romanian)
  • Harry Seiwert, Marcel Janco: Dadaist, zeitgenosse, wohltemperierter morgenländischer Konstruktivist, Frankfurt am Main: Lang, 1993. (German)

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