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Hans Arp, Hans Richter and Tristan Tzara in Zurich, 1917.
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Tristan Tzara (born Samuel Rosenstock, 1896–1963) was a Romanian and French avant-garde poet, essayist and performance artist. Also active as a journalist, playwright, literary and art critic, composer and film director, he is known as one of the founders and central figures of the Dada movement.

In 1912, still in high school, he co-founded Simbolul [Symbol] magazine with Marcel Iancu and Ion Vinea with help from Iosif Iser. During this period he was signing as S. Samyro, that later changed to Tristan Ruia and finally Tristan Tzara. The name "Tristan" is not chosen for the particular resonance that it has in Romanian, but to express the mood of a "sad young poet" (writes Heinrich Stiehler in Tristan Tzara. Peripheral zwischen und Zentrum).


Cover of La Première Aventure céléste de Mr. Antipyrine (1916), a book by Tzara, illustrated by Janco.
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    • Vingt cinq poemes/ Douăzeci și cinci de poeme, Bucharest: Vinea, 1998. (Romanian)
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  • Mouchoir de nuages, tragédie en 15 actes, Éditions de la galerie Simon, 1925. (French)
  • Indicateur des chemins de coeur, Paris: Jeanne Bucher, 1928. (French)
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