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Body-Process Arts Association (BIS) is an Istanbul based initiative that aims to explore artistic forms of expression at the conjunction of the body and the digital process. BIS aims to create an international discussion and production platform in its local on the conjunction of art and technology.

The concept of body-process refers to the inevitable relation between the modern human body and technological processes and tools. Starting from the observation that new technologies increasingly manage practical and critical aspects of our lives such as communication, health and security, this concept orients itself to think about the fluid boundaries between body and technology and the consequences of their interaction.

Operating under the name Amber Platform, BIS organises the annual amber Art and Technology Festival, or amberFestival, in Istanbul to create a platform for exchanges, collaborations and discussions, and produces international artistic research and creation projects.

BIS is also the initiator of amberConference, the only Science, Technology and Art Conference in Turkey, and of the amberNetwork, that aims at connecting individual artists, art technicians and organizations that are working in the field of Arts and Technology in Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, and Turkic Countries.

The main objectives of the network are:

  • To support exchange of experience and knowledge among artists, art technicians and cultural institutions,
  • To provide physical mobility for the artist and the art works in order to develop cultural exchange,
  • To increase international cooperation,
  • To promote digital technology as a medium of art and increase the usage of digital technologies in art,
  • To create a larger audience in the member countries
  • To create a ground for the development of new forms of artistic expressions within the global art and technology scene by bringing together diverse artists together
  • To make the artists and their works from this vast and culturally nuanced region, visible and accessible worldwide,
  • To create a smooth passage over Istanbul between European countries and middle eastern and Turkic countries