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Artyčok.TV was established in 2005 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague as an Internet platform for audiovisual documentation of the contemporary art scene. Along with report and documentary activities Artyčok.TV began producing its own documentary and art projects in 2009 and gradually the team of Artyčok.TV distinctly focused on them.

At present the online database, which includes art works, art films and documentaries, exhibition reports, profiles, talks and lectures, is a unique source of information with an educational potential for both artists and students of art schools as well as anyone interested in contemporary art. Due to the fact that artists, art students, curators and theoreticians take part in the creation of the content, Artyčok.TV also represents a significant means of articulation for the art community. This project offers a great opportunity to gain valuable experience and job opportunities for artists whose work is based on moving image or for students.

Artyčok.TV has large experience with grant support on the national as well as international levels. From the beginning Artyčok.TV is supported with an annual grant from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Prague City Hall. In 2017-2019 it gained support from the Czech-German Fund for the Future and in 2020 from the Austrian Cultural Forum.

In 2009-2012 Artyčok.TV together with the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague gained support from the European program Culture for the project “Artyčok.TV: open archive”. Due to this project the online medium has a widespread international impact. It has invited other European countries to contribute to the creation of an archive of contemporary European art, which serves as a source of knowledge for students, professionals as well as general public.

Between 2013–2015 Artyčok.TV at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague realized within the same program EACEA a project entitled “Close-up: Creative Means for New Criticism”, which was a joint project of six contemporary art institutions in six countries in Central and Eastern Europe. This project promoted the development of a platform for education, information exchange and connections at both regional and European levels with emphasis on criticism of contemporary art in the regions. In 2009-2015 Artyčok.TV associated a network of art institutions from the countries of the Visegrad Group supported by annual and multiannual grants from the Intenational Visegrad Fund.

Editorial board: Alžběta Bačíková (project manager), Janek Rous (editor in chief), Nikola Brabcová, David Přílučík, Tereza Špinková, Jiří Žák, a.o.

In the past the following artists participated in the projects of Artyčok.TV: Vjera Borozan, Jan Habrman, Michaela Janečková, Jan Mucska, Erik Sikora, Lenka Střeláková, Mark Ther, Dušan Zahoranský, Jan Zahradníček, František Zachoval, a.o. (2023)