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Born 1948 in Sarajevo. Studied at the Akademija likovnih umjetnosti u Zagrebu, Zagreb (1968–1971) and St Martin’s School of Art, London (1971–1973). In 1971, together with Nena Dimitrijević, he organized the Conceptual art exhibition At the Moment in the entrance hall of an apartment building at Frankopanska 2a in Zagreb. In 1971, he moved to London, and then to Paris in 1995 where he currently lives.

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  • 1970, Some Changes. München, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Milano, Aktionsraum 1, Munich.
  • 1971, Casual Passers-by, Galleria Lucio Amelio, Naples.
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  • editor, with Nena Dimitrijević, In Another Moment, Belgrade: Gallery SKC, 1971, JPG. Catalogue for the exhibition [1] held at Student Cultural Center (SKC) gallery, Belgrade, 15 Sep - 3 Oct 1971 (as a sequel to At the Moment, 23 Apr 1971 in Zagreb); curated by Nena Dimitrijević and Braco Dimitrijević. [2] (English)/(Serbian)
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  • more