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Bronaċ Ferran is a writer and curator based in London.

She is the Director of Current projects include ‘Mind Over Media’ essay for forthcoming book ‘Time and Motion: Redefining the Future of Work’, a FACT/Royal College of Art initiative to be published by Liverpool University Press in December 2013; she is also editing a book about the ‘Visualise’ programme of exhibitions and events which she guest curated at the Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art, in 2012, featuring Ernest Edmonds, Eduardo Kac, William Latham, Liliane Lijn, Alan Sutcliffe and others.

She has been a member of Transmediale and Prix Ars Electronica Hybrid Arts juries as well as the international advisory group for the SEAD policy initiative. A founder member of the bricolabs network, she reviews for Neural Journal.