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Photo from I.Vanechkina collection
Born October 2, 1940(1940-10-02)
Tashkent, Usbekistan, Soviet Union
Died January 5, 2009(2009-01-05) (aged 68)

Bulat Galeyev (1940-2009) was a science researcher, artist and long-time director of the Prometei Institute.


Born Bulat Maxmudovich Galeyev in 1940. Graduated from Kazan State Pedagogical Institute, Kazan, USSR, in 1962, and received a Ph.D. in 1986. He was a teacher in physics and aesthetics, 1962-1963; a lecturer in physics and philosophy at KAI, Kazan, 1963-1966; a scientific worker, 1966-1994; head of SKB Prometheus, director of scientific and research institute for experimental aesthetics affilated with the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan and Kazan State Technical University, Kazan, 1994-present; a film director, theatrical performances director, director of light-music performances and video art installations, SKB Prometei, 1964-1995; and professor of aesthetics of Kazan Conservatory, from 1990.

Galeyev wrote several books and contributed more than 500 articles to professional journals. He was a member of the editorial board of Leonardo, since 1987; of Language of Design magazine, USA, 1992-1997; and Kazan magazine, from 1993. He had organided fifteen editions of All-Union and All-Russia Light and Music conferences and participated in numerous international symposia and festivals. He received a Diploma for Spectacle from the All-Russia Theatrical Society, Moscow, 1970; a diploma for film awarded by the organizing committee of the international Techfilm festival, Prague, 1975; and an honorary medal awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, Moscow, 1983. He was a member of Russian Academy of Humanities and of the Russian Cinemamakers Union, as well as a corresponding member ofthe Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan. Member of International Society for Art, Science and Technology. Died in 2009.


fragment from the concert using Crystall

fragment from the concert using Prometheus-2

Crimson Chime installation in Spasskaya Tower of Kazan Citadel, 1967

The system of dynamical lighting of Kazan Circus, 1968

fragment from the light-music film Eternal Movement, 1969

The light-musical panel Singing Cosmos, 1970

fragment from the light-music film Space Sonata, 1981

fragment from the light-music video The Temple (in the kitsch-style), 1989

fragment from the light-music video Dance of Vertical Lines, 1990

Collective self-portrait of Prometei institute, 1994

Russians Leave Europe, video installation, 1995

Electronic Court, video installation

Electronic Grimases in the Magnetic Field, video installation

TV Set Playing the Piano, video installation

The Op Art of Video Art, video installation

  • The Space Dandelion. Electronic interpretation of Kant's and Hegel's philosofic concepts (a series of 12 oscillograms), 1987.



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