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CRAS / Centre de Ressources Art Sensitif à Mains d’Œuvres welcomes whoever wishes to learn and test real-time interaction technologies in Arts : artists, students, teachers and all artistic and technological partners. The C.R.A.S. consists of a show-room opened to demonstration and self learning of sensors and actuators, on-line documents on , and a research and development lab. The C.R.A.S. also supports educational programs on free hardware and free software like Arduino, cui, Processing and Pure Data.

Founded in 2006. Hosted at Mains d’Œuvres in Saint-Ouen, France.

Benjamin Cadon
Antonin Fourneau
Benoît Rousseau
Cédric Buron
Damien Henry
Frédérik Arana
Guillame Dumas
Guillaume Stagnaro
Gwenn-Ael Lynn
Jean-Noël Montagné Art Sensitif
Jean-Marie Boyer
Jean-Yves Gratius
Jérôme Abel
Joseph Jahouen
Julien Gachadoat
Pascale Gustin
Renaud Chabrier
Zandrine Chiri & Francis Bras Interface-z