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John Chris Jones (John Christopher Jones, 7 October 1927, Hafren, Caergog, Aberystwyth) is a Welsh designer. He studied engineering at the University of Cambridge, and went on to work for AEI in Manchester, England. His 1970 book Design Methods is considered a major text in design.


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  • After Giraldus, 1979. Travel notes as author followed the Journey Through Wales of Giraldus Cambrensis in 1188. Includes texts of about thirty people speaking Giraldus' descriptions (in English and in Welsh) of the places where they stood. Also texts to and from Edwin Schlossberg.
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  • Technology Changes, London: Princelet, 1984, 397 pp. Sixty-four writings on technology and modern life.
  • Notes and Plays, 1998, 136 pp. A result of questioning theatrical and cinematic realism, with design plays and other performances including puppet plays and a new version of Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya.
  • The Internet and Everyone, London: Ellipsis, 2000, 592 pp. Personal correspondence. Thoughts about the internet, its precedents, such as the phone, and its possibilities for despecialisation and 'creative democracy'. Some of it is fictional and some of it is in Welsh. [3]