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Chris King is an artist, educator conservator primarily concerned with historic and contemporary electronic video and media art. His blog and online discussion group video circuits explores early abstract and synthetic image making practices such as video synthesis, experimental animation, visual music, cymatics and graphic scores. Chris regularly performs live visual music using electronic video and audio synthesis techniques. He also teaches workshops on these techniques and the history and context of electronic intermedia and visual music practice. He currently works as a time-based media conservator at Tate where he has contributed to Tate’s Software-based Art Preservation project & research into the analysis & conservation of net art as part of Reshaping the Collectible: When Artworks Live in the Museum. Chris also helps convene Vector Hack, an international artist led festival devoted to the history & contemporary practice of experimental and analogue vector graphics. Based in Croatia now in its third edition, Vector Hack has helped surface research into often neglected areas of early new media with a special attention to media archaeological, practical and materialist approaches.