European Cultural Backbone

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Set up in March 1999 as a coalition of mediacultural institutions and individuals working together to creatively use and develop participatory media for social change. Based in Amsterdam and Vienna.

The initial member organisations that participated in the ECB launch meeting in March 1999 included: Ars Electronica (A), ARTEC (UK), De Balie (NL), C3 Center for Culture & Communication(H), CRAC Media Centre (S), cybeRex/Cinema REX (YU), e-Lab (LV), FACT (UK), Glass Palace Media Centre (FI), Ljudmila Digital Media Lab (SLO), Open Studio/WRO Foundation (PL), Public Netbase/t0 (A), STEIM (NL), Terravista (PT), V2 Organisatie (NL), De Waag/ Society for Old and New Media (NL).