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Ellen Johanne Røed (1970) is a visual artist educated at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU (2001) and the University of Oslo (1994). As part of Norwegian art collectives Verdensteatret (1995-96) and Motherboard (1996-98), Røed developed a devotion towards interdisciplinary forms, temporality and performativity that she continued to explore during her studies. Her practice evolved through a particular real time experimentation with moving images and their relationship to space, sound and other media. Using various electronic media she explores how video works as performative gestures.

Røed operates in cross disciplinary contexts and has collaborated extensively with artists from the field of music. She worked at Bergen Center for Electronic Art (2002-04) and at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (2004-13), first as Assistant Professor and later as a Research fellow in Fine art. She completed the Norwegian Fellowship Programme in Artistic Research and is currently Associate professor at Oslo and Akershus University College.

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