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Tomáš Dvořák alias Floex was born in 1978 in Prague. He studied The Institute of Foreign relations, than the sound at FAMU and in The new media group od Michael Bielický. He is a music producer, graphic designer. He prepares Interactive installations. His nickname Floex was made by connecting two words "float" and "experiment".

Firstly, he played clarinet, but then he started to make experiments with the electronical instruments and he describes his music like the fusion of jazz, electronica, movie and ambient music. He is connecting an acoustic and electronic forms of music. His album Pocustone (Quasi Delict Reords) in 2001 was awarded by the Golden Angel in Czech republic. He examines the overflow of music to the visual arts and that´s why he is collaborating with so many artists like Federico Díaz on the installation Sakura and The Turbulence project, or the freshest collaboration with Tomáš Vaněk on the performance "live score". He is playing with the casualness of the art. He finds himself a bridge between visual and music world.

During the years 2001 to 2007 he extended his musical activities by researching the field of new media. He was trying to find some other ways how to make, perform and interact with music. The projects that was made during this period of time are Candyski (2001), Geocit (2002) and Herb instrument (2004), those are the flash works from the early times and then he made also installations and performances such as Crossroad (2002), RGB research project (2003-2005) a Live score (2006-2007). All his works are still alive in the Internet on his blog. Now he signed the contract with Denovali Records which cooperates also with artists like Hidden Orchestra, Poppy Ackroyd and also with Bersarin Quartet and Alvaret Ensemble. This agency is going to book all his foreign concerts and thanks to this he is coming more and more popular in the world, nor just in Czech republic or Slovakia, where he still cooperates with the Bum Bum Satori records. His concerts are now planned also for Russia, Spain, Rumunia, etc.

His live acts are made together with artists Sára Vondrášková, Jiří Javůrek, Marián Petržala and Dominik Pecka. for the next year he is planning to spend a lot of time in the studio to produce the FLOEX EP and to make a new soundtrack for Amanita. You can find some more information about Floex on his official page, where you can also fing all his projects mentioned above and his music is here for you on his soundcloud



Pocustone, Quazidelict Records / 2001

Samorost, Amanita design / 2006

Machinárium, Amanita design / 2009

Zorya, Minority records / 2011


Dust / Hidden Orchestra / 2011

Na moři / Longital / 2007

Na sever od ráje / Priesnitz / 2002

I'm Not Really Optimistic / EOST / 2002

Flanger / Monkey Business / 2001

Dancing Barefoot / Ivan Král / 1998


Short movie for Expo 2010 Shanghai / 2010

Vetřelci a volavky / director Rozálie Kohoutová / 2007

Za sluncem / director Radek Doskočil / 2004

Naposledy Vlkem / director Bořivoj Hořínek / 2003

Vo vzduchu / director Braňo Pažitka / 2002

Noční můra / director Petr Kunc / 2001