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Florin Maxa (18 January 1943, Teius, Alba County - 20 August 2018, Cluj-Napoca) was a Romanian visual artist. He lived in Cluj.

He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts "Ion Andreescu" in Cluj, in 1966, in the class of Professor Aurel Ciupe. He became head of the painting department and then dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca. A member of the U.A.P. from 1968, he had solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Romania and abroad, winning a number of awards including the 20th Century Award of Achievement (1992) and the World Intellectual of 1993, Cambridge, England. In painting he has distinguished himself through a modernist style, imposing a new vision on the form of easel painting, abandoning the rectangular format. He created loose, suspended objects painted on both obverse and reverse. His works are in the area of painted objects that exploit the qualities of the support material and, although they have not yet been given a name, critics speak of a new line of post-constructivism. [1]

In 1974 he presented a computer graphics work at the collective exhibition Artă şi Energie [Art and Energy] at at Galeria Nouă in Bucharest. In February 1976 he had a solo exhibition of his computer graphics at the Eforie Gallery, entitled Metamorfoze [Metamorphoses].

Solo exhibitions[edit]

  • Pictura, Galeria Mica a Fondului Plastic, Cluj, 1967
  • Metamorfoze. Grafica de computer si extensii picturale, Galeria Eforie, Bucharest, Feb 1976
  • Pictura, Galeriile Tribuna, Cluj, 1976
  • Grădina (The Garden), Caminul Artei, Bucharest, 1981
  • Itinerarii paralele, Galeria Universitatii, Cluj, 1985
  • Repere şi transfigurări, Galeria Mica UAP Cluj, 1986
  • Pictura, Kampen, Olanda, 1994
  • Teritorii, Galeria Frezia, Dej, Romania, 2010
  • Modern Talking, curator Nicola Trezzi, Muzeul de Artă Cluj, 2012
  • Play dice would be nice, galeria Gaudel de Stampa, Paris, 2012
  • Fractures of neglect 1973-1981, Exile, New York, 2014.
  • Florin Maxa & Kazuko Miyamoto: A Dialogue, Exile, New York, 2015.

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