Florian Maxa

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Romanian Visual artist. Born January 18, 1943, Teius, Alba County, now he lives in Cluj.

In 1974 he presented a computer graphics work at the collective exhibition Art and Energy in Bucharest. In February 1976 had a new exhibition at the Eforie hall, entitled Metamorphoses.

Personal Exhibitions[edit]

  • Pictura, Galeria Mica a Fondului Plastic, Cluj, 1967
  • Metamorfoze. Grafica de computer si extensii picturale, Galeria Eforie, Bucharest, 1976
  • Pictura, Galeriile Tribuna, Cluj, 1976
  • Grădina (The Garden), Caminul Artei, Bucharest, 1981
  • Itinerarii paralele, Galeria Universitatii, Cluj, 1985
  • Repere şi transfigurări, Galeria Mica UAP Cluj, 1986
  • Pictura, Kampen, Olanda, 1994

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