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František Zachoval (1979) is a publicist, educator and cultural manager. He is engaged in current socio-political issues. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2016, where he later led the Digital Laboratory (2006-2014) and co-founded the international project and online video archive Artyčok.TV. He focused on topics such as Creative Commons licences, open source (2008-2010) and migration and exile, for which he organised conferences. In 2015-2019 he was the director of the Czech Centre in Bucharest, where he founded the Future Museum Art Gallery (2016), the Protect Public Space database (2017) and the Cinemascop Eforie Film Festival (2018). He is the editor of the publications Czechoslovak Home, Object and Items Found in Romania (2019), Martin Papcun. Buildings / Spaces (2015) and Rudolf Valenta. Reconstruction (2014). Since 2019 he works as the director of the Gallery of Modern Art in Hradec Králové. (2019)