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George Bagdasarov (Գեվորգ Բագդասարով) was born in Kazahstan to an Armenian family. He studied Cybernetics at the Technical University in Kaluga, continued in composition at the Music Academy in Moscow, and graduated from the St. Petersburg Film School. He began his music carrier as a guitarist in a psychedelic punk band, and continued his development, passing through conceptual techno to free improvisation based on items collected on flea markets from around the world. He has performed and recorded in different collaborations, playing jazz, noise, electronic, and the like. He has collaborated with musician Richard Deutsch, Jerome Noetinger, Yoshio Mashida, Les Halmes, Dill, Yutaka Makino, DJ Sniff, Nikolay Rubanov, Fitz Ellarald, among others. Since 2005 he has been living in Prague, completing his doctoral studies at FAMU in 2012, and being involved in a wide range of collaborations from punk-blues to audio visual noise performance. He plays saxophone, guitar, and turntable.

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