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Gustavo Jahn (Florianópolis, 1980) and Melissa Dullius (Porto Alegre, 1981) form the duo Distruktur since 2006. The couple lives and works in Berlin.

They work as filmmakers, scriptwriters, actors, artists and photographers.

Their films and installations have been shown in festivals as the Berlinale and the Torino International Film Festival, and in art institutions as The New Museum in New York and Caixa Cultural in Rio de Janeiro. Distruktur’s film retrospectives were presented in the Moscow International Film Festival, in Curta Cinema Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival, and Itaú Cultural in Curitiba.

Members of LaborBerlin, an association focused on the work with film material, the duo is known for working with analogue techniques, mainly shooting on 16mm film.

In 2011 they travelled around Europe and Latin America presenting their film, Cat Effekt, and the live cinema performance Éternau Alterstereo.