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Born 1933 in Szekszárd, Hungary. His main diplomas: 1957. M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology, 1960 Diploma of Patent Expert.

His main activities:

He started his professional engineering job (1957-59) in the Cybernetical Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, he was appointed the Vice Head of the development-team preparing the M-3, the first Hungarian tube computer.

In 1960 he was invited by the University of Timisoara (Romania) to participate in the development of the first Romanian computer, the MECIPT I. Professor Moisil invited him to deliver the first lectures about the computers at the University of Bucharest (Romania) in 1961. Between 1959 and 1967 he was the Head of the computer operation in the Computer Center of the Academy of Sciences, the first Computer Center in Hungary.

In 1960 they established a new faculty: “Economical Mathematics” within University of Economics. He delivered the first university lectures about “the computers”. He wrote the first two university computerbooks: “Electronics” and “Computers”.

In 1969 he became one of the founders of the Coordination Institute for Computer Sciences, first as Head of the Computer Centre, later as Director of the Software Application Laboratory, then — till 1988 as Director of the Sci-L Ltd company (the first PC clone production company in Hungary).

In 1988 he was given another opportunity in SZÁMALK, Computer Application Company. He established the first Hungarian Distance Learning Centre (today: Open Business School), an English speaking Open University for Business and Management. Finally hewas an Advisor of Informatics in the Prime Minister’sCabinet (1996–98).

Some examples of his public activities:

He was elected as Secretary General (1975-85), Vice President (1985–90, 1993–2000) in the John von Neumann Computer Society. He was one of the founders and the Head of the Editorial Board of the first computer journal for students, the “Microcomputer Magazin” (1983– 90) and he took the leading part in the first Hungarian Program for the Informatisation of the Society (1983-88). Part of the program included the National Microcomputer Meetings, first Computer Exhibitions (1983–88), the first Distance Learning Course: the TV-BASIC in the Hungarian Television (1984), opening some hundreds of Microclubs, etc.

He was appointed the Hungarian representative in the TC-3 Technical Committee of the (IFIP) International Federation for Information Processing (1985–92), he established and chaired the Distance Learning Working Group, TC3-WG 3.6 (1986–92).

He was elected the President of the Hungarian Telecottage Association in 1997, and the Permanent Honorable President of the Hungarian Telecottage Association in 2001.

He received several Hungarian and foreign awards and prizes for his computer research and his society-oriented activities. He has published: books, a lot of scientific and popular-scientific articles in Hungarian and foreign journals, TV and radio series, reports and talk shows.

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