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Peter Lamborn Wilson (aka Hakim Bey, 1945, near Baltimore, Maryland [1] - 20 May 2022, Saugerties, New York) was an anarchist cultural critic, poet and author of TAZ: The Temporary Autonomous Zone (1991). He worked with the not-for-profit publishing project Autonomedia in Brooklyn, New York, and wrote essays on such diverse topics as Tong traditions, the utopian Charles Fourier, the Fascist Gabriele D’Annunzio, alleged connections between Sufism and ancient Celtic culture, sacred pederasty in the Sufi tradition, technology and Luddism, and Amanita muscaria use in ancient Ireland.

After studying at Columbia University, he traveled through the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. He was a consultant for the World Islam Festival, London and Tehran. He worked at the Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy in Tehran, leaving the country during the Islamic Revolution.

His early writing concentrated on theology and poetry, but on returning to the US he began to inflect his ideas with anarchism, Situationism, and Deleuzian philosophy. His most influential work, TAZ, argued for the creation of spaces of liberation from authority in everyday life, which are capable of disappearing from sanctions before they can be crushed by government and all powers. Hakim Bey was a central figure in post‐left anarchy and his critical writing was highly influential amongst rave youth culture and a range of anarchist countercultures – not least in Reclaim the Streets, a global organization dedicated to unsanctioned events that typified anti‐globalization activism in the 1990s. However, he also suffered heavy criticism.

Hakim Bey’s thought has been criticized and publicly attacked by other anarchists (such as Bookchin 1995), and in 1996 the Luther Blissett collective published a hoax collection of his writing. He also received criticism for writing approvingly of pederasty since 1985 in the NAMBLA Bulletin.


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Responses to TAZ[edit]


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