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Jennifer DeFelice (1972, New York) is a performer, new media artist, curator and musician. She is a founding member of Vašulka Kitchen Brno: Center for New Media Art in Brno (est. 2016).

She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York College. In 1993, she moved to Brno, where she graduated from the Department of Performance (Tomáš Ruller) at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Technical University (FaVU) with the work Miven cin and with the web project Para-site (1999-2004). She works at FaVU as a lecturer and PhD candidate.

She cooperated with the group “Herrings, Live Herrings” and on the exhibition communication project Cafe9 in 2000. She has exhibited and performed in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, United States and elsewhere. She worked in FaVU Media Archive and co-organised exhibitions Hi-tech/Art in Brno. In the 1990s, she also documented performance, installation and experimental music at various festivals, including Art Sztuki '95 in Krakow. (2019)