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Dr. Denisa Kera (1974, Mělník) is a philosopher and designer that experiments with various creative strategies of public engagement in emerging science and technology issues. She uses design methods (UX, critical design, design fiction, future scenarios, participatory design), ethnography and prototyping to research STS (Science, Technology and Society) issues. She spent the last decade as an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, Senior Lecturer of Future Design in Prague College, and most recently as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Arizona State University, where she continues to cooperate as an affiliate member with the Centre for the Study of the Future. She is joining the BISITE group as a Marie Curie Senior Fellow to research Distributed Ledger Technologies (blockchain) and applications (smart contracts). Currently, she is "translating" Shakespeare's play Merchant of Venice into a Hyperledger business network and transactions (smart contracts) to demonstrate the possibilities and limits of this emergent infrastructure and involve various stakeholders in the deliberation about the future of DLTs. (2020)

Kera holds a Master degree in philosophy from the Charles University in Prague (1999) and completed a Ph.D. dissertation on the performativity in language and computer codes. Previously, she worked as a research assistant for New Media Studies UISK UK Prague and was a member of Centre of Global Studies. In 2004 she co-founded ScArt society and in 2006, C2C. She curated a number of exhibitions and projects related to art, technology and science, including ENTER3, Artists in Labs and TransGenesis: festival of biotechnology and art.