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Lichtblick-Kino is an independent art house cinema in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. In addition to current arthouse films, its programme offers classics and regular retrospectives and work shows. Lichtblick also gives space to documentaries and short films as well as politically engaged productions. Weekend afternoons are dedicated to children's cinema.

In addition to the changing programme, special event series with a special focus have established themselves time and again at the Lichtblick cinema, such as "EXBlicks", "One World Berlin - Menschenrechte aktuell" or "kurz gesehen". Filmmakers are invited to the screenings, and the intimate setting of the Lichtblick cinema offers the opportunity for very close exchanges and discussions.

With 32 seats, the Lichtblick-Kino is one of the smallest cinemas in the city, and its premises - the former salesroom and flat of a butcher in the oldest house in Prenzlauer Berg - have a very special charm.

The Lichtblick cinema is run collectively. Founded in 1994 as "Stattkino Berlin e.V.", the collective initially organised film series on political topics. In 1995, the Lichtblick-Kino was opened as a permanent venue in Wolliner Straße. Since 1998 it has had its home in the Kastanienallee 77 house project.

However, the Lichtblick has always been more than just a cinema: it is also a breeding ground for many projects and initiatives in Berlin's cinema landscape. Many former and current contributors are active in the cinema industry today, as distributors, cinema operators or filmmakers. (2023)