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LOOS is a performers lab.

This lab is about exploring new techniques of performing disciplines, using both conventional instrumentation as state of the art technology.

These disciplines can be dealt with separately as well as in mutual combination and confrontation, also in relation to the production and presentation.

Not only on the outside level (how things are presented to the audience) but also in the more hidden inside level (the structure).

Therefore, the lab aims at reflection on its practice and aesthetic expression as a whole.

Excellence is sought for in the effort, where new questions or problems are appreciated over ‘definite’ answers and solutions.

a few facts about LOOS.

There is LOOS, the performers lab (short for laboratory) or name it a music group or ensemble.

Also LOOS is a foundation - the LOOS foundation.

And there is Studio LOOS, from 1997-2004 a conceptual space, and from 2005 until now a beautiful physical 200 m2 space with excellent technical facilities for research, experimentation in, and production and presentation of interdisciplinary new music. Studio LOOS is since 2005 the hot spot for experimental music and artistic research in The Hague, The Netherlands and cannot be separated from LOOS.

Since 1982, the LOOS Foundation has been a major player in the experimental music scene.

Essential to LOOS are originality, authenticity, progressiveness, a high standard of performance and ideas, and an adventurous attitude. LOOS is proud of its history of supporting a diverse and international array of musicians, composers, performers, interdisciplinary artists and is constantly working to achieve a more inclusive and equitable artistic practice in the community and abroad.

LOOS was created in 1982 under the leadership of Peter J.A. van Bergen who continues to direct both the studio and foundation today. (2020)