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m-cult was established in 2000 to support production, research and development of new media culture by an active involvement in the practices, policies and structures of the field. Aiming at a sustainable development of media culture, m-cult works to create productive and critical, interdisciplinary encounters between actors in culture, technology and society.

m-cult focuses on social and cultural innovations in urban, wireless and participatory media, and on developing open infrastructures and transdisciplinary competences in new media culture. m-cult carries out research projects, consults on media culture and technology development, disseminates information and organises events in media research, arts and technology.

m-cult plans to launch new activities in a new space in the Kallio district of Helsinki. The concept includes a lab/workshop environment and a multi-channel television platform for urban media culture. groups. In its realisation, m-cult works closely with cultural and civil society organisations, research institutes and companies in the Helsinki region as well as with national and international partners.

Publishes m-cult.net server for new media culture.

Based in Helsinki.

Director: Minna Tarkka. Communications editor: Maria Candia.