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Magda Cârneci (Bacău, Romania, 1955) is a poet, prose writer, art essayist and translator. After the Revolution of December 1989, she became actively involved in the political and cultural Romanian scene. She got her Ph.D. in art history in Paris in 1997. A cultural activist, she was president of PEN Club Romania, and is a member of the European Cultural Parliament. She has published many books of literature, cultural essays, and art history. Her poems have been translated into numerous languages and appeared in diverse anthologies. Some of her volumes of poetry were translated into English (Chaosmos, White Pine Press 2006; A Deafening Silence, Shearsman Books, 2017). Her feminist novel FEM has been translated into French (Non Lieu, Paris, 2018) and English (Deep Vellum, USA, 2021), and was a finalist at the PEN America Translation Award 2022. (2022)