Marina Valle Noronha

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Marina Valle Noronha, 2020. Photo: Niko Mikkonen. (Source)

Marina Valle Noronha (1981, Brazil) is an independent curator and doctoral candidate at Aalto University, Helsinki where she investigates curatorial theory and ethics of care within museum collections development. In her work, Marina puts forward different ways to look at art that leads to new forms of engagement with objects. Through extensive curatorial research and collaborations with collecting institutions, Marina explores the relationships between permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, including display methods that experiment with environmental features. She has recently co-launched (with Kim Modig) Art Off The Air, a research-report and audio piece on the emotions and motions produced by our bodies when traveling for and because of art. Marina has an MA in curatorial studies from CCS Bard, USA and a BA (Hons) in architecture from UFMG, Brazil. (2020)