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Miro Tóth is a composer, performer, and saxophonist. He creates film music, sound footage for video art, and music compositions, and is involved with research of music history from 20th century to contemporary music, including jazz, experimental music, metal, hardcore, punk, and noise music.

He produces and organizes concerts and music workshops in Slovakia and abroad. He co-initiated Frutti di Mare project. He is a founder and artistic leader of improvisational symphony orchestra Musica falsa et ficta. Recently he realized his first CD record with a group Dunkel Therapy, and authored compositions in cooperation with a composer Martin Burlas. Miro performs in experimental music projects Shibuya Motors and Q30J666222. He also plays with Slavomír Krekovič (Shibuya Motors), Daniel Kordík (Urbsounds), Andrej Gál (Shibuya Motors), Michal Paľko (Trio pre interpretáciu súčasnej hudby), Ján Oriško (Dunkel Therapy), Peter Čaputa (Dunkel Therapy), Martin Burlas (Dunkel Therapy), Marek Piaček (Musica falsa et ficta) and many others.

In 2010 he cooperated with directors: Eva Krížková, Ivan Ostrochovský (Masahiko), and Róbert Kirchhoff.

He also works like an editor and manager in Hudobné centrum in Bratislava.

Lives in Bratislava.